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From here, perform as if you were going to do another Brush Knee & twist Step back into the SE corner by brushing your right knee with your right palm and raising your left palm ready. You are still either inhaling, or your breath is in a holding position ready to exhale. Photo No. 94. As soon as your right palm brushes past your right knee, turn it over to palm up position, placing your right foot down into the SE corner also turn your left palm to palm down position and perform two poking movements with both palms. Photo No. 95. Exhale. Note that at an advanced level, you would actually make three poking movements and also three waist turns, first with the left palm, then the right palm then again with the left palm. This is soft fa-jing.

In all corner postures (and you may not be able to see this because of the angles that we had to take the photos in order to get both palms in), there should always be a cardinal line (N/S or E/W) between the front heel and the rear toes. This is nothing different as it is still a normal bow stance. People just seem to have difficulty when they do a bow stance into corners! In the normal bow stances (when you do them to the cardinal points), there is still this straight line between front heel and rear toe, however, it is now a line on the corner points such as NE to SW etc.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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