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This set of movements is performed into the four corners. However, unlike the Yang Cheng-fu form every other time is performed slightly differently.


From 'Single Whip', swivel your left toes, weighted on the heel 90 degrees to point to the North. At the same time, 'hold a large ball', left palm under and inhale. Your eyes are looking to the NE corner. Photo No. 292.

Cross both hands as you lift your right foot placing it down exactly where it was only pointing to the East. The foot is turned as if you have a nail holding the centre of your foot down so that the heel and the toes can move swivelling on the centre. Photo No. 293. Place your weight onto your right foot and step into the NE corner with your left heel as your right palm is dragged back to your right hip and your left palm is raised upward in a P'eng type of motion. Photo No. 294. NOTE: The right palm and left heel arrive at their respective positions simultaneously. Roll your weight onto your left foot as you exhale and strike with your right palm turning your left palm also outward but Yin shaped. Photo No. 295. This hand position resembles a woman working at a loom (shuttles). Note that there is a N/S line between the front heel and rear toes.

A weighted turn on your heel, point your toes to the South. This can be difficult. The toes of the left foot now point to the toes of the right foot. At the same time, Inhale as you hold a ball again, this time the right palm is under. Photo No. 296. Cross your wrists, right palm under as your lift your right foot turning slightly to the NW corner. Photo No. 297. Step into the NW corner with your right heel as your left palm covers

298 299 300 301

your right fist. You will see these movements clearer when I do them to a different direction. As you begin to place weight onto your right foot, strike with your right elbow with the aid of your left palm as you begin to exhale. Photo No. 298. The next two movements happen so subtly that you can almost not see them happening. As you get to where your weight is centered but still moving to the right foot, You turn your waist to the right and strike with the back of your right palm. Photo No. 299. Your right palm now loads and again strikes using the tips of the fingers. Photo No. 300. Roll onto your right foot as you exhale, raising your left palm to strike as your right palm rolls outward. Exhale. Photo No. 301.

Fair Lady Works Shuttle Tai Chi

Turn your waist into the SW corner as your push down with your left palm to hold the ball again as you inhale. Photo No. 302. Raise your left heel and cross your wrists, left under. Photo No. 303. Step into the SW corner with your left heel and drag your right palm back to your right hip as your left palm raises. Photo No. 304. Roll forward onto your left foot as your right palm strikes into the SW corner and your left palm rolls outward. Exhale. Photo No. 305.

Fair Lady Works Shuttle Tai Chi
306 307 308 309

Now we repeat exactly the same as second time you performed this movement only the directions are different. A weighted turn on your left heel so that your toes point to the North and push downward with your right palm to eventually hold the ball. Inhale. Photo No. 306. Cross hands, right underneath as you lift your right foot. Photo No. 307. Step around into the SE corner with your left heel and place your left palm across your right fist. Photo No. 308. Attack with your right elbow into the SE corner using your left palm as support. Begin exhaling. Photo No. 309. Attack using the back of your right wrist when your weight is about half way across to your other foot. Photo No. 310. Attack with the finger tips of your right palm. Photo No. 311. And as you exhale attack with your left palm and roll your right one out as before. Photo No. 312.

From here we repeat all that you did after the 'Slant Flying' postures as follows.

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