Fishes in Eight

Called this because of the action of the palms like an infinity symbol. Make both palms Yang shaped. This is not incorrect as when you have two either Yang or Yin shaped palms one is always more yang than the other thus still having one yin and one yang palm. Turn both palms over so that they lay on their sides and turn your waist to the N. thus causing both palms to be pulled around. Note: The whole of this posture is an exhalation. Photo No. 26.

Keep turning until your waist has come into the NW corner and your right toes have turned to the N. So that you are now standing pigeon toed. Your right palm will continue to move over but flicks over so that they fingers of that palm are now pointing to the inside of the left elbow. Photo No. 27. Your eyes follow the movement. Weight is on the left leg 70%.

Continuing the exhalation, you will now change your weight back to your right foot without turning it! AS you do this and when you are 50/50, bring both palms in over each pectoral. Photo No. 28. You must not allow your weight to reach the right leg until the hands also reach their final area. Turn your waist into the NE corner as you push (strike) with both palms into that corner. The palms are now in the same position only opposite for the previous posture of the same name. Photo No. 29.

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