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Exactly as before only to a different direction. With weight on the left leg, swing your arms out to the N. as you turn your waist to cause this to happen. Begin exhaling. Your right foot is swivelled around by 90 degrees so that you are again pigeon-toed. Photo No. 105.

Keeping your feet as they are, change your weight onto your right foot as you again bring both palms into your chest maintaining that same distance of wrist to elbow and push both palms out to the E. in an attack. Exhale fully. Photo No. 106. Doing this movement at an advanced stage, you should change the weight on the one foot (left) from heel to toe and back again, in keeping with the classics of Taijiquan where we must always have a weight change with every movement regardless of whether it is a movement on one leg or from one leg to another!

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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