Qi Resting

Step up onto your right leg as you lift your left leg and your left palm makes contact with your right inner wrist, (left palm is palm up). Photo No. 385. Your left palm will now continue its upward movement and as it does, its contact with the right wrist causes the right wrist to be rotated outward. The right palm now falls down to the Tantien position and turns to palm upward in a Yin shape as the right palm indicates a 'pigeon' flying up to heaven. Photo No. 386.

As your left foot falls to the ground, (this is not quite a stomp but a little bigger than just placing the foot), your left fist will slap into your right palm as you exhale. You will just stand there as you press into your lower abdomen (Tantien) twice digging in with the knuckles of the left fist in a counter clockwise (looking down) as you breathe in as you circle to the left and exhale as to the right. You will also turn your waist to the left as you circle left and right as you circle right. Photo No. 387. Photo No. 388. (This photo is shown so that you can see what is happening in the reverse direction). Photo No. 389. Photo No. 390.


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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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