Trap Attack the Life Force

Turn your right foot 45 degrees to the right weighted as your left palm slaps the outer forearm of the right. Inhale. Your eyes are still to the East. Photo No. 370. Take a left step to the East. Photo No. 371. Exhale as you place your weight onto the left leg and attack low with the right fist (small finger upper). Photo No. 372.

alm the Spirit by Pressing the Points.

Exactly as before, sit back and rub down along your right outer forearm until your longest left finger presses into the 'Yangxi'


point in the back of your right wrist. Inhaling. Photo No. 373. Same as before, turn your left toes out by 45 degrees as you place your weight onto your left leg, rotating your right palm over so that you can now pull the 'Shen Men' point on the inside of your right wrist back by one inch (one cun, or Chinese inch pronounced 'Tsune'), Photo No. 374.

374 Chee:

This time, Chee is performed slightly differently. Step through to the East with your right foot taking a slightly larger step than normal and as you move onto that leg, squeeze forward with your both palms only this time turn your right palm outward. Exhale. Photo No. 375.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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