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The Three Abstentions A

Interpromoting Cycle Elements

The ancients said The angry qi is too firm, things that are too firm are easily broken. If the yuan (original) qi is not rooted, the heart and lungs are injured. The cause is due to the pressure of the angry qi and external qi and the resultant squeezing of the internal qi. The lung cells are injured and it may cause internal bleeding Therefore, the blood circulation is blocked and the normal functions of the heart are influenced severely because the heart is squeezed by the lungs (it is believed in Chinese medicine that the angry qi causes qi stagnation and blood stasis.)4 can be the unsmoothness of the meridians, disharmony between qi and blood, and disorder of the circulation in the heart and lungs (termed qi stagnation and blood stasis in Chinese medicine). The problems will occur anywhere there is stagnation.6 In mild conditions, the flesh throbs and in the severe condition, the furuncle will appear swollen and painful. This is because all tissues of the motor system are sprained...

The Goals of Qi Gong Practice

Psychological problems resulting from improper qi gong can stem from the fact that the heart houses the shen ( ). In Chinese medicine, the shen (or spirit ) is related to spiritual wisdom, intuitive insight, creative capacity, mental awareness, and overall vitality. The psychological problems occur due to the physical heart damage, as discussed above, because when the heart is damaged in any way, the shen can be affected. Unfortunately, when these problems occur Westerners do not usually pick up on them or do not relate them to the qi gong practice. The typical dysfunction of this type is what is known in Chinese medicine as shen disturbance. Power qi gong methods are definitely a part of the martial arts. If the practitioner wishes to use internal strength and energy to harm an opponent in combat, the practice of methods designed to teach the student how to use internal energy and internal strength in striking an opponent are necessary. But, as stated above, the student should not...

Jf Pa Kua Chang

Dan Miller Qua Journal

In this issue I begin a three part series article on the practice of qi gong in Ba Gua Zhang. This article is based on my personal experiences during over ten years of practice, information I have obtained during interviews with Ba Gua Zhang instructors in Taiwan and mainland China, and advice and guidance from my teachers, Park Bok Nam and Vince Black. The information on Chinese medicine which appears in this article was obtained through interviews with Vince Black and Michael Roland. Michael Roland is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of California, holds a Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine from the Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz, CA and has earned the title of diplomate in acupuncture (licensed by the NCCA). Michael is a student of both Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan. Michael owns and operates an acupuncture clinic in Pacific Grove, CA and continues his education through apprenticeships with Vince Black, a specialist in musculoskeletal problems, and Professor Li Shao...

Mutual Dependence

It is important to know that all internal systems of the body have interdependencies and overlapping functionalities. There is an internal system of checks and balances, modeled by the five element theory in Chinese medicine, which serves to keep the body in balance and healthy. In practicing qi gong, this system of checks and balances must be respected. If there is a deficiency or excess in any one part of the body, the rest of the body will be affected. The problem with practicing qi gong when one part of the body is out of balance is that the qi gong practice, if it is not appropriate for that particular condition, could throw the body even farther out of balance. This is why individuals who are 3) For those readers with no background in Chinese medicine, it may be necessary to briefly clarify what is meant by organ. The organs of Chinese medicine are Kidneys, Spleen, Liver, Heart, Lungs, Pericardium, Bladder, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, and Triple...

Distribution Process

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Before discussing the theory and practice of qi gong, it may help to first take a quick look at how the body gathers, metabolizes, and distributes energy. Since Chinese medical theory formed the foundation of traditional qi gong practice, we will look at the energy process from the perspective of Chinese medicine. Of course, we will only give a general overview here as this topic alone could be the subject of an entire book. Those who would like to explore this topic in more depth should refer to a text on Chinese medicine or talk with a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner.2 2) Two good references for more complete information pertaining to this subject are Zang Fu The Organ System of Traditional Chinese Medicine, by Jeremy Ross, Churchhill Livingston, 1985, and The Foundations of Chinese Medicine A Comprehensive Text for Acupuncturists and Herbalists, by Giovanni Maciocia, Churchhill Livingston, 1989. In addition to playing an important role in the formation of qi in the body,...

Purpose and Policy Statement

In future issues, look for more thorough coverage of biographies, more how to articles, and articles which will cover a broader range of topics such as herbs, Chinese medicine, theoretical information, practical application and Ch'i Kung. However, all of the articles will be focused on Pa Kua Chang practice, we will not stray too far afield.

How I came to follow the Buddhas Path

I was born and brought up in a peasant's family. Due to poverty, I had to give up my studies at an early age. However, I began to study Chinese medicine and the phrase Medicine is the royal way to Immortality led me to revere the Way of the Immortals. Shen Nung's Materia Medica, and other Taoist classics such as the Bao Pu Zi (Book of the Preservation of Solidarity Master) , which refer to medicines beneficial for the prolongation of life and alchemy1 excited my faith in the religion of the Way of the Immortals. In addition I sought after the esoteric Arts of the Miraculous , such as divination by the dexterous arrangement of the Celestial Stems and Earthly Branches and by charms and spells.

Alleviating depression

All this radiation, carbon monoxide and other 'artificial elements' around us damages our bodies. But this is the air or energy that we inhale into our lungs and which is stored in our kidneys. In Chinese medicine we say that the lungs inhale the energy, while the kidneys store the energy. Those elements from the air we breathe which enter our bloodstream stay in our liver, because the liver stores blood and helps to transfer it, with its nutritional contents, to the other organs and the brain as well. So the bad air we breathe damages the entire body, not just one part. This is a different concept from that of Western medicine. In Chinese medicine the whole body is interconnected and everything must be balanced.

Qigong Treatments and Hospital Treatments

Chinese Medicine is the traditional medical science in our country. It is inseparable from the supernormal abilities developed through cultivation of the human body. Ancient people paid special attention to cultivation of the human body. The Confucian School, the Dao School, the Buddha School and even the students of Confucianism have all attached importance to meditation. Sitting in meditation used to be considered a skill. Even though they didn't perform exercises, over the course of time they still developed their gong and supernormal abilities. Why was Chinese acupuncture able to detect the human body's meridians so clearly Why aren't the acupuncture points connected horizontally Why aren't they crossed, and why are they connected vertically Why were they able to be mapped out with such accuracy Modern people with supernormal abilities can see with their own eyes the same things that those Chinese doctors portrayed. This is because the famous ancient Chinese doctors generally had...

Issue of the Celestial

What we call the Celestial Eye actually lies in the area from a place a little above the point between the eyebrows to the pineal body, which is the main channel of the Celestial Eye. There are numerous eyes in the human body. The Tao School says that each qiao (aperture), which is called an acupoint in traditional Chinese medicine, is an eye. The Buddha School claims that every pore is an eye. Therefore, some can read with the ear. Others can see with the hand or the back of the head. Still others can see with the foot or the belly.

A master utilizes inches to achieve great things a beginner miles to achieve little

In a health and an energetic context, the added weight of the saber adds a new and unique stress to the body, building the total Ba Gua body in a stronger fashion yet retaining the same parameters as the foundation movements developed. Due to the weight of the saber, there is inevitable muscle development. The saber is wielded with the minimum of tension in a slow rhythmic and light fashion, there is not the same build up of lactic acid in the muscles as there is in weight lifting. One must also learn the saber on both sides to balance the musculature and to preserve appropriate spinal alignment. As the practitioner discovers the need to concentrate deeply on his or hers center and to remain still in motion, as well as move in a seamless manner, the ability to coalesce more energy comes as a natural by-product. If one combines this with a rhythmic flow that slowly revolves round the body, the meridians begin to store more energy as well as circulate in a gentle and constant manner. In...

Taking Care Of Yourself

There are a number of practical steps you can take in everyday life to help keep your energy system balanced and healthy. It is important to prevent disease, not merely to wait until you have an ailment and then try to cure it. The traditional approach of Chinese medicine was to pay the doctor to keep you healthy and if you became ill the payments would cease until you were well again The fundamental reason for doing the exercises in this book is to strengthen your internal power, immunity, and stamina so that you live a life of health as long as possible.

Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Instructor Xie Pei Qi to Visit United States and England

Eight Animal Bagua Zhang

The Chinese Culture Lecture Series brings traditional practitioners to the West in order to share what China's arts have to offer at a personal, individual to individual, level. Summer '96 will run from the end of June to the end of September in cities across the U.S. and in London, England. Dr. Xie will be offering a variety of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and classes focusing on the topics of Chinese Medicine, Qigong for healing, the martial aspects of Yin style Bagua, and integrating China's traditional philosophy with the physical body. All lectures and workshops will be translated and assisted by Andrew Nugent-Head, the China director of the Association for Traditional Studies, who has been working with China's traditional arts in Beijing since 1987.

Gao Liu De shown above taught Tim Wang Xiang Zhais Yi Quan method and Xing Yi Quan

Hsing Internal Power Exercise

Excluding Chinese medicine and qi gong, as far as the martial arts are concerned, what I found from my 10 years of study in China is that there is an inverse relationship between the amount teachers talked about qi and mysterious concepts, and their ability to fight. Meaning that the instructors that I found who had the most martial ability and were the most proficient in their martial art talked about qi the least. I found that the people who were talking about qi and mysterious concepts were usually not very good at the martial arts.

Ba Gua Zhang Summer Workshops

Baolin Chi Gong Palaces Qigong

Chinese medicine, self-defense, and weaponry. Students also enjoyed the nearby lake and wooded areas. This summer's event will occur between 19-25 August. For more information, contact Rex Eastman (604) 352-3714. Over the past few years, Vince Black has established a strong contingent of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association in the San Francisco Bay Area. For two or three years now he has given a series of seminars about every 3 or 4 months in the Bay area, which have all been enthusiastically received. In order to intensify the training, last August he taught a week long Ba Gua, Xing Yi, and Chinese Medicine retreat at the OZ retreat center near Mendicino, CA. This year he will hold another Internal Arts intensive at Oz between 30 August and 6 September. Those interested in attending can contact Michael Clauson at (510) 718-2305.

Historical Images Of Bagua

The second reason I have been carrying some of the new items in the catalog is that I have frequently been asked by readers, Do you know where I can get good weapons , Do you know where I can get good books on Chinese Medicine , Do you know of any good books on Chinese philosophy etc. We are starting to provide these things for our readers convenience.

Since writing this part for this book Robb Whitewood has had his book on Xingyi published by Paladin Press in the USA

Sing-I is famous for its raw power or hitting force. Yet in a strange way it is still very subtle in its application. One of the most interesting things about Hsing-I is the calming effect produced through practice of the hand techniques. My teachers of Chinese medicine tell me that each technique stimulates a pair of organs in the body. This stimulation brings about harmony and health. These same teachers have told me that Hsing-I is the most effective way to bring about this stimulation. It is difficult to comment on this, as there is no empirical way of measuring it against anything else. I am of the opinion that if it works for you, do it My hope is that this article will be of interest to those who have never been exposed to Hsing-I before and will assist those people who are just starting out down the Hsing-I path. Within the Internal Martial Arts Academy the aim is to look beyond the traditional explanations of the technique. In looking beyond the traditional practices, it is...

For in truth there are no transitions In Ba Gua the whole system is the embodiment of transition

Glen Gurman (also known by his Taoist name, Bai Guang Tao) started his martial arts at age 17, in the art of Isshinryu Karate. He was taught by a senior student of karate's living legend Don Nagle. After earning his black belt he was exposed to the fascinating art of Ba Gua by a senior student of Bo Sim Mark. Greatly inspired by this mysterious Kung Fu he began his study of this system. It was during this time that he met Leung Kay Chi, disciple of Ba Gua great Liu Yun Chiao. For many years he took weekly private lessons and was the only student to do so. During this time he was also required to learn Northern Shaolin, Chen and Yang family Tai chi. Specializing in Ba Gua he has spent a great deal of time in its practice and research. Desiring to learn as deeply as possible, he began another study with Daniel Farber senior Ba Gua student of Adam Hsu who is also a disciple of Liu. Gurman is a full time Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as an American herbalist. He is the...

Brief Introduction to the Body Strengthening Function of Eight Diagram Palm Qigong

Eight Silken Movements Qigong Seniors

Ba Gua Zhang Qi Gong is identical to the theory of life preservation in Chinese medicine and is practical for healthcare, and prevention and treatment of disease. At present, the chemical medicines are used widely and bring about many side effects. The important role of sports therapy has been understood. Therefore, it is very urgent to popularize the traditional martial arts for the benefit of the people.

Chang demonstrates piercing palm

Many of Chang's early students also learned traumatology. Chang's knowledge of bone setting, Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs for traumatology was extensive. He knew that in the practice of martial arts, internal and external injuries were unavoidable and thought that students should have fundamental training in how to heal injuries. When he helped establish the Taiwan Provincial Martial Arts Association he recommended that they offer this training as part of curriculum. Chang often treated people and set bones.

This portrait of Kao ISheng which was given to Chang by Chou Chi Chun still hangs in his home

It is said that one reason Wang invited Chang down to his school to help him mind the fort during the challenge period was because he oft en injured people. When Wang fought he hit hard and did not hold back. When someone got hurt, Chang would attend to them utilizing his knowledge of bone setting, massage, and Chinese herbal medicine. Wang Shu-Chin and Chang Chun-Feng were said to have fought and won many challenges during this period of time (late 40's, early 50's). Although nothing was ever documented, stories from this time period are abundant. Both their reputations grew and large numbers of students started studying the internal martial arts. The people in south and central Taiwan studied with Wang and the people in northern Taiwan studied with Chang.

Huang AHo is third from left behind his son

In addition to the martial arts curriculum, Hung feels that it is important for students to understand Chinese medicine. He says that anyone who studies the fighting, should also know the medicine. He states that even the minor strains and bruises which are a part of everyday practice should be taken care of properly so that they will not lead to more serious complications.

Connection Among Gao Style Descendants

He Ko Cai's student Deng Chang Cheng (C. S. Tang) visited Zhang Jun Feng in Taiwan in 1973 and compared styles. The postures of the forms were similar, however, some variations in articulation and application of power were different. Since Deng's visit to Taiwan in 1973, several of Zhang Jun Feng's descendants have come to Hong Kong and compared styles with Deng. Deng has also been visited by Yu Yi Xian's disciple Y. C. Wong (TCM k) of San Francisco and has spoken over the telephone with Li Zhuang Fei's disciple, Fred Wu

Using The Mind Instead Of Force

Among the people who practise taijiquan, it is quite common to hear this comment That is entirely using the mind, not force . In practising taijiquan, the whole body is relaxed, and there is not an iota of stiff or clumsy strength in the veins or joints to hinder the movement of the body. People may ask How can one increase his strength without exercising force According to taditional Chinese medicine, there is in the human body a system of pathways called jingluo (or meridian) which link the viscera with different parts of the body, making the human body an integrated whole. If the jingluo is not impeded, then the vital energy will circulate in the body unobstructed. But if the jingluo is filled with stiff strength, the vital energy will not be able to circulate and consequently the body cannot move with ease. One should therefore use the mind instead of force, so that vital energy will follow in the wake of the mind or conciousness and circulate all over the body. Through persistant...

Some Taijiquan References

Chen Xin refers extensively to TCM material that which has as its basis the 3 treasures in his book 'Chen Shi Taijiquan Tu Shuo'. Chen Zhen Lei also refers to the same medical qi in a disseration on it in the book 'Taijiquan Ming Jia Tan Zhen Di', 1992, China Television Broadcasting Publishing, ISBN 7-5043-2032-3 G.757 I translate this portion 'The Qi mentioned in Chen style Taijiquan It does not refer to the oxygen we breath into the chest and the human body's different kinds of strength (li), but refers to the widely known in Chinese Medicine's Correct Qi (Zhen Qi), Original Qi (Yuan Qi), Meridian Qi (Jing Luo Zi Qi), Refined Qi (Zhen Qi), etc kinds of Qi also includes martial arts and qigong study's Internal Jing (neijing), Internal Work (neigong), etc kinds of Qi. Hao Yue Ru (Wu Yu Xiang style) mentions it in his 'Wu style Taijiquan Important Points', his first point was 'hand, eye, body, step, Jing, Qi, Shen'. This reference is found in Hao Shao Ru's book 'Wu shi Taijiquan',...

The Benefits of Qigong Practice

First, Qigong makes my body strong and healthy. I have more energy for everyday life, -because Qigong follows the natural way to strengthen the internal body. Based on Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang, the acupuncture points and channels, and concentrating on the breathing, mind and movement, Qigong brings the body back to normal, working with nature to follow the universal rhythm.

The Origins of Qigong

And so these techniques continued to be used, with great effect, for hundreds of years. In the twentieth century, while Western medicine was relying heavily on new drugs, improved surgical techniques and so on, this ancient and proven method of healing was still highly valued in the East. During the revolution of 1911, when China ceased to be ruled by emperors, Jiang Weigiao's Yin Shi Zi Sitting Still Exercises became very popular in Shanghai. Nor, to begin with, did .advent of Communism in 1949 affect the high regard in which Qigong was held. The first Qigong therapy clinic was established at Tangshan in Heibei Province in 1955, and another was set up two years later in Shanghai. That Qigong was taken seriously even in official quarters is evidenced by the fact that in 1959 the Ministry for PubIic Health held the First National Meeting for the Exchange of Qigong Experiences at Beidihe in Heibei Province it was attended by some sixty-four groups from seventeen provinces,...

Small has no inside big has no outside

I do not know much about science, but I do know my culture Chinese culture, which has survived for thousands of years. The principles of Yin and Yang, the Wu Xing, Five Elements, and Bagua tell us the principles of the universe. I call it 'Chinese Science' and, like Chinese medicine, it is totally different from that of the West. We use herbs which come from the earth, which is where we all Every acupuncture point belongs to a channel. Each channel has its own function in relation to the internal organs, nourishing and strengthening them. The acupuncture points keep the channels smooth and ensure that they are working well, bringing in the energy from outside to the body and releasing negative energy out through the skin. In Chinese medicine we say, 'Pain means it is not smooth. Smooth means there is no pain.' This is to do with the channels and acupuncture points working in the body. If you experience pain it means there is a problem. If you don't clear it up, you may become ill.

An Introduction to General Qigong Theory

One key concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm) is your body, mind, and spirit are all interdependent. They affect one another at all levels. An ailment of the mind will be reflected in the body. Similarly, any physical ailment must affect the emotions and spirit. This attitude, called Holistic in the West, is also seen in the interpretation given to the functions of the organs. According to tcm, Qi circulates through twelve main (ching) and eight extra meridians (mei) close to the surface of the skin. The former are each connected to major organs or regulate organic processes. The latter are storage reservoirs and major conduits for internal energy. However, scientific studies in the West and in China are inconclusive in regards to what is really going on in terms of healing. I remember watching a television documentary a few years ago in which two groups of volunteers were given acupuncture treatment, on the back, for the same chronic medical conditions. One group was treated...

Hospital Treatment and Qigong Healing

Let us talk about the relationship between hospital treatment and qigong healing. Most doctors of Western medicine do not recognize qigong. Their view is, why would we need hospitals if qigong can heal illnesses You can substitute for our hospitals Would it not be nice if your qigong could replace hospitals and treat patients single-handedly without resorting to injections, medicine, hospitalization Such an opinion is neither reasonable nor rational. Some people do not know about qigong. In truth, qigong healing is not like the conventional treatments of ordinary people. It is not an ordinary person's skill, but something supernormal. How could it be allowed to disturb ordinary human society on a great scale with something supernormal How powerful a Buddha is, and he Let us say something about Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is close to qigong healing. In ancient China, Chinese doctors generally had supernatural powers, such as Sun Simiao, Huatuo, Li Shizhen, Bian Que and the...

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

One of my patients, Sophie D., was suffering from breast cancer. She came to see me because she has more faith in Chinese medicine than in Western medicine also she had seen my Qigong demonstrations and attended some of my seminars. After five treatments her condition had improved considerably -not just because my Qi cured her, but because she followed my instructions and every day did the exercises I had given her. Then one of the lumps disappeared. I believe that one day she will totally recover just by keeping up with the exercises.

On the Issue of Healing Illnesses ipi5

From the perspective of supernatural capability, the black qi in that area is considered to be the qi of an illness. From the viewpoint of the traditional Chinese medicine, the sick area is where the energy channel is blocked, qi and blood are not passing through and the energy channel is choked there. In the eyes of Western medicine, that location presents the phenomena of an ulcer, tumor, hyperplasia, inflammation, etc What is reflected in this space are these forms. After removing that evil entity, you will find there is nothing wrong in the body of this space. Whether it is a protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disci or osteoproliferation, you will find it get well immediately after that entity is removed and that field is cleared out. You may take another X-ray and find that the osteoproliferation has disappeared. The fundamental cause is that entity which worked.

Hi kung

Chi Kung is both a martial art of self-defense and a fundamental tool of Chinese Medicine. As a martial discipline it stresses use of the whole body and a powerful Ki to overcome attacks and heal the self. As tool of healing, the practitioner learns the anatomy and how to focus his Ki to aid in healing. Acupuncturists have both learned Chi Kung (as a means of better knowing what nerve centers to penetrate to promote healing and the development of their Ki) and prescribed Chi Kung (since the stimulation of internal organs can trigger the body's natural healing process and the overall health value of the art is tremendous) for centuries. Prerequisite Defensive Martial Arts Style Maneuvers

Cultivation Insanity

A doctor of Western medicine can not cure him, he will go to see a doctor of Chinese medicine. If the doctor of Chinese medicine can not cure him either, nor can any special prescriptions work. At this point, he will think of qigong, pondering I will go there and try my luck and see if qigong can heal my illness or not. He will come with much reluctance. Because of his good inborn qualities, he will practise very well as soon as he starts to do so. Perhaps, a master will become interested in him, and that intelligent being of another space will give him a hand. His Celestial Eye is opened at once, or he has entered the state of semi-enlightenment. His Celestial Eye is open on a very high plane and he can see some truth of the universe. In addition, he has developed some supernatural capabilities. How can his mind possibly, in your opinion, sustain all these phenomena when he witnesses them What kind of mentality will he have Through the ages, what has been considered superstitious and...

Xing Yi Quan Journal

In addition to providing members the opportunity to study with masters in China, North American Tang Shou Tao also conducts many annual events in the United States. Vince Black, the Association President, conducts dozens of seminars in all parts of the United States every year. Seminar topics include Tui Na, Bone Setting, Qi Gong, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Tai Ji Quan, Liu He Ba Fa, Chinese Medicine, and internal arts combat. The Association also conducts an annual full-contact tournament which is open only to Association members and an annual instructors' conference. Association instructors gather from all over the country to practice together and learn new material.


Remember that this is only the basic of the physical component of Hsing-I. There are the animal forms, strategy, the breathing and meditation to be included to make up the complete system of Hsing-I. Of course when you get through all that there is still the personal development, concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, massage and philosophy. I have found that the study in these areas becomes a life long journey of learning about myself and my relationship with the world and others.


In superheroic campaigns, you can buy Aid to Heal someone else. There are two rationales for this kiai (the ki-based shout of martial arts warriors, which is said to be able to heal as well as harm) and Chinese Medicine. Therefore, for a character to buy this power, he must take it one of these two ways Chinese Medicine Healing On the other hand, Healing based on the application of Chinese Medicine must be bought this way

The Spleen Meridian

Spleen Meridian The Leg

This is a water and he point. (Sea point, gathering together). Great local pain when this point is struck right on target. It has the reverse affect to the healing in that it will cause the body to fill up with water and if not corrected using acupuncture or other Chinese medicine, will eventually lead to early death. This point is used also as a set up point in the same what that SP 8 is used. It is not such a good prime strike as it is relatively difficult to get to with much power unless you are a seasoned martial artist. A good hard strike here will cause great nausea and is sometimes used in conjunction with GB 34.

Sexual Practice

The Tao of Sexology The Book of Infinite Wisdom. San Francisco Tao Publishing, 1988. Combines Chinese medicine and sex therapy in unexpected but beneficial ways. Easy to read and experiment with. Discussion of million dollar point is invaluable. However, his discussion of strengthening the immune system to cancel out virus-related infections is not supported by my experience nor observation of others.

The Nine Levels

In Chinese medicine, the body is divided into three regions the upper, middle, and lower. The upper refers to the region above the diaphragm the middle refers to the area between the upper and the navel and the lower refers to everything below the navel, including the legs. This trio is traditionally used to designate the internal organs of the body. The topmost section includes the heart and lungs the middle includes the liver, spleen, and stomach while the lower includes the bladder, kidneys, and the small and large intestines. In Western terms, the three regions refer to the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cavities.

Preparing For Energy

The description of the benefits that each of the following exercises brings may seem odd. For example, it is not obvious how stretching your hands upward to the sky affects your heart and kidneys. The answer lies in the network of Chi channels (meridians) identified by Chinese medicine in the human body (see pp. 18). These are connected to your vital organs but they also run through your body as far as your fingertips and toes. Each of the Ba Duan Jin exercises intensifies the flow of energy along the full length of specific meridians and thus the complete set of exercises benefits the whole network, including the internal organs through which that energy passes. Regular practice is the ideal preparation you need to carry the awakened dragon of your Chi.

Chapter Seven

I asked my good friend and senior instructor for the WTBA and authority on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wally Simpson to write this chapter putting forth the T.C.M. view of what Qi is. Wally has at this time one video production covering Chinese Massage and related topics. You could contact him via the WTBA should you wish to purchase the video. It is well worth a look for anyone seriously interested in T.C.M. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) texts tell us that Qi is composed of force plus material (they do this because our western minds need to have some concepts to wrestle with). Material is the structural, Yin aspect, while force is the Yang aspect. Thus Qi can be likened to very fine matter that has material and nonmaterial aspects. The behaviour of Qi is analogous to the behaviour of an electron. The electron consists of a measurable mass and thus is material. However its behaviour is very much like that of energy, it has the power to split the nucleus of an atom it has the...

By John D Bracy

Personally, I have searched for this alchemical mystery in my practice. Some of my students have been successful in developing internal alchemical boxing skills. This training seeks to unify meditation and Chinese medicine with physical training. Below is an outline of the training we use.

Chang Sanfeng

The story goes that Chang paid money to the local gaolers (jailers for those who use American spelling) to let them experiment on the inmates Therefore, over a period of trial and error, Chang and his two friends worked out what points would kill, which ones would maim and which ones would affect the Qi (energy) system of the body. They even discovered that certain points would cause great harm or death some time after the strike. Hence, the old 'delayed death touch'. Nowadays, we are able to see why certain points on the human body work the way they do, and indeed, 'delayed death touch' is not just a myth, it is actually upheld in modern western medicine. Chang did not just leave it there however he also wanted to invent a total martial art in keeping with the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine. So he not only invented physical movement to indicate the martial and dim-mak applications, he also invented movements that would heal the body mind and spirit. He took it one...

Chi Kung

Martial Arts Style Chi Kung is both a martial art of self-defense and a fundamental tool of Chinese Medicine. As a martial discipline it stresses use of the whole body and a powerful Ki to overcome attacks and heal the self. As a tool of healing, the practitioner learns the anatomy and how to focus his Ki to aid in healing. Acupuncturists have both learned Chi Kung (as a means of better knowing what nerve centers to penetrate to promote healing and the development

Teacher and Healer

Wang Tzu-P'ing felt that in order to maintain a consistent training regiment, the martial arts practitioner should have a good knowledge of how to heal the body in the event of sickness or injury. Inevitably when the practitioner is training hard, especially when training the fighting aspects of the art, there are liable to be injuries. If the practitioner knows how to properly care for those injuries so that they heal quickly, the training program will be disrupted for a shorter period of time. Wang collected information on healing and Chinese medicine throughout his martial arts career so that he would know how to heal himself and his students. Through this practice, Wang became a very skilled doctor of Chinese medicine. Wang provided free medical care

Empty Force

Of course, having said that, many people continue to believe in it, and a number of internet masters seem to be charging and earning large amounts of money from those who buy their books and videos and attend workshops on this subject. It is also true that projecting Qi in various ways is considered legitimate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is possible that some talented qigong doctors can emit Qi from their hands for healing but their hands have to be very close to the acupuncture points they are trying to affect. And, martially, an expert using his Qi defensively must still be able to do everything else to keep an attacker from making contact with and hurting him before Qi can be applied.

Historical Survey

Records from before the Han dynasty are very fragmented and much of the history of the period is conjecture. Traditionally the history of Chi theory begins with the beginning of Chinese medicine in the reign of the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di (2690-2590 B.C.). The book that is the theoretical foundation for Chinese medicine to the present day, lhc Nei Wen, .(or Classic on In-ternaLMe icine)' s attributed to Huang Di, but modern scholars now believe it to be a work of the Han dynasty.


In addition to his martial arts training Xie Pei Qi also received his teacher's knowledge of Chinese medicine. Currently Xie works in a local hospital in the morning and receives patients at his house in the afternoon. He is well known in Beijing for his qi gong healing techniques Xie Pei Qi's Ba Gua Zhang training method is very thorough and includes body strengthening and health maintenance training, qi gong, power development training, specific skills training (striking, kicking, grasping, locking, throwing, etc.), power issuing training, Chinese Medicine and theoretical study. Some of the major components of his system include the following

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

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