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The information in this article was obtained during an interview with Gong Bao Zhai and He Jin Han in Taipei, Taiwan in September 1992 and a follow-up interview with He Jin Han in Los Angeles, CA in January 1994.

When I arrived in Taiwan in the Fall of 1992 and called the home of Gong Bao Zhai {t f #) to see if he would allow me to come visit with him and talk about his Ba Gua, the 87 year old Ba Gua instructor told me that he would allow me to come visit, however, he was old and weak and so I should not expect too much or plan to stay too long. When we arrived at his home a robust elderly man with a deep, booming voice met us at the door. I said to myself "This is the weak old man!?" Our "short" visit turned into a three hour stay with Gong Bao Zhai continually demonstrating that he was nothing close to the weak old man he had proclaimed to be over the phone.

The person who rules by virtue is called a king. The person who rules by force is called a tyrant.

When we sat down to start the interview, Gong Bao Zhai began by discussing the importance of well rounded development in the martial arts. He said that the study of Ba Gua was not to only be centered around martial arts forms and fighting, but the practitioner must also work on literary, and other intellectual means of self-cultivation. The idea of wen wu pC ^ - literary and martial) being developed equally sits very deep with Gong Bao Zhai and he wanted to insure that I understood this before we began to discuss anything about the martial arts.

Although I appreciate a good philosophy lecture, at the beginning of the interview I was a little worried that the wen wu discussion was all I would get out of Gong that day since he had said that we should not expect a long visit with him. Anxious to get to my list of questions, I began to ask Gong about his teacher Gong Bao Tian ff Gong Bao Zhai said, "I know why you are here. We will get to those questions, but first we need to talk about wen wu and martial morality."

Gong Bao Zhai believes that in the practice of self-cultivation every individual should strive to seek a balance between literary and martial pursuits. He said that everyone has two abilities, one belongs to the animal side of our nature and the other is a civilized

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