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the empty center seeking mysteries. The head must go up with Pushing Up Energy. The mouth is open but not open, it is closed but not closed. The tip of the tongue touches the palate. The breath flows through the nostrils and the breathing must be natural. The Gu Dao (hui yin) must be raised. The neck must have Upright Energy. The heart must not use exerting strength. The chest should be curved inward yet not have the appearance of being curved inward. However, both shoulders must equally be rounded with Contracting Strength. It is natural and correct to have the inside open and the outside closed. This is what is said of the curved chest.

After a long time, the curved form of the front of the chest will become natural. In the Turning Walk, the body does not need to be quick. The Will , Life Force , and Strength combine together with the hands, feet, shoulders, hips, waist, and elbows, inside and outside, to create the One Qi. The whole of the body cannot have one place that is separate or confused. If there is one place that is separate or confused, then the energy of the whole body cannot be harmonized.

Next, seek to join the waist, hips, shoulders, and elbows together with the Four Extremities. The Four Extremities are: The teeth are the extremities of the bones. The tongue is the extremity of the flesh. The fingernails and toenails are the extremities of the sinews. The pores of the body are the extremities of the blood. To strive for this we must hold the heart qi and return it down to the dan tian. The whole body must have one principle.

In the Turning Walk, the body doesn't lean to the left or right. If you do this the qi inside won't be stable. The fundamental walk is then like the form of a bird with bound wings incessantly flying. It is also like calm flowing water that one doesn't actually seem flowing, one doesn't seem to move. Have a calm, stable, and natural shape. The idea of this form is like both metaphors.

A Study of Liang Yi

Liang Yi is the principle of the contraction and expansion of the One Qi. Left Turning makes the Yang principle and Right Turning makes the Yin principle. Thus it comes from the Tai Ji form. It is the One Qi going forth. When it is like the idea of a circular flowing motion, then it makes the Tai Ji Yang principle. It becomes the qi of expansion.

In practice, the circle may be big or small and one may walk it many times or just a few times. Also, the nature of the terrain may dictate the practice. If the area is large, then the circle can be large, if the area is small then the circle can be small. Whatever the size of the circle, the practice method remains the same. More important, the terrain need not dictate the practice. Acres of ground doesn't mean the circle must be big and a circle with a three foot diameter doesn't have to be small. Truly, this skill is deep and pure. Thus, the whole circle may be many miles wide. Also, you can circle many times with no fixed form. The area should be level for walking.

In coming, going, and turning the body, balance must be maintained. The sage said, "The way of expansion and contraction is flowing movement. That which is big is not outside. That which is small is not inside." Open up and then unite the six combinations. Unroll and then conceal the secret. Also, there is the idea of fighting. This is the form of a returning, revolving body (the Single Palm Change). It doesn't matter whether it is big or small or whether you circle many times or just a few times. Decide for yourself depending on your qi, strength, and motion. After half a circle you may change the body, or, after ten circles you may change the body. With the One Qi turning, Heaven, Earth, and the 10,000 things appear in the body.

The changing of the body must be tight. Only do one form of the turning method. If you have doubts, the skill won't manifest itself. The head will get dizzy, the eyes confused, and the feet will have no root because of malpractice. Thus it is said, "Yang must ultimately become Yin. Yin must ultimately create Yang." Relating to the Ba Gua circle: Yang, left, and rising make day.

Yin, right, and descending make night. Day comes and then night goes. Day and night pushing together create the four seasons. Change the body to the right turning movement. Circling this way then makes the Tai Ji Yin element. This is the qi of contraction. The sage says, "It is the demon of spirit that makes virtue." This is the rise and fall of day and night. Each corresponds to the transformation of Heaven, Earth, and Nature. The Liang Yi Right Turning is central to fighting. Left and right have a sequence. How is it not the coming and going, the expansion and contraction of the One Qi? Thus the Liang Yi is again created and the Si Xiang spring forth.

The Form of Liang Yi (the Single Palm Change)

Section 1 - Green Dragon Turns its Body

When you begin, it is like the One Qi turning left, flowing and moving endlessly. Plan to want to change the body to the right turning. This is the One Qi creating the Liang Yi. In this method the right foot moves to the front and drops down.

1 - Green Dragon Turns its Body

_2 - Green Dragon Contracts its Tail

Section 2 - Green Dragon Contracts its Tail

Then the left foot also moves. The toes use their utmost strength to hook inward and the foot drops down opposite the toes of the right foot. The distance separating the toes is about two to three inches. See the picture. The heels of both feet have Twisting Energy towards the outside. Both knees have the idea of being next to each other yet not next to each other. Both hip joints have Shrinking Energy focused inward. Also, both have Open Energy focused outward.

This form has the idea of the inside being closed and the outside being closed. The waist must have Depressing Firmly Downward Energy. At the same time, with the upper body, both hands are as before, unmoving, with Firm Energy. Both shoulders are level and have the idea of going inward with Contracting Energy. Also it is said to hold the breast slightly firm.

Section 3 - Green Dragon Turns its Head

Instantly the right hand stretches out and does its utmost to go outward with Twisting Energy (niu jing - ). Twist the hand until the thumb points down and stop when the little finger faces up. The right foot twists with the right hand, and both appear to go outward. The foot drops down and the hand and foot, above and below, are in alignment with each other. The distance between the feet dictates whether the posture is high or low. The upshot is that the left foot doesn't waste strength arriving at its place. The body sinks slightly downward with the idea of contracting and hiding. The left hand is under the armpit, the palm faces outward, and goes to the front with Firm Pushing Energy.

Section 4 - Black Tiger Leaves the Cave

Then the left foot steps up to the front. As before, it is opposite the right foot toes. Both feet are separated by about two or three inches. As before, both heels go outward with Twisting Energy. Both hips go inward with Contracting Energy. Both hands each do their utmost to curve back with Wrapping Energy. Wrap until both palms face upward. The wrapping also causes both shoulders to do their utmost to curve inward with Shrinking Energy. Also both shoulders go downward with Hanging Energy and the form is fixed, but not fixed.

Instantly the waist does its utmost to twist to the right side like twisting yarn. The left hand palm faces up. The elbow hangs down and does its utmost to appear to be unmoving with Firm Energy. The left hand, palm up, follows the twisting of the waist. Slowly it goes to the outside of the right armpit. The left arm forms a T-shape. The left hand pierces out diagonally upward to the front. The idea is for the left shoulder to appear to be piercing under the right armpit.

The head and neck are erect with Firm Energy and follow the waist to the outside with Twisting Energy. Both eyes gaze at the piercing left hand. The left hand

4 - Black Tiger Leaves the Cave

5 - Making the Right Form pierce arrives at its ultimate place and stops. These are the principles of the energies. Like above, fullness is suddenly manifest. Don't loose your balance. The outer energy of the form is as if closed, and the inner heart qi is as if open. It is like being empty, only this is not so. If you have doubts and fears, these will exert pressure on your heart and you will suffer disease.

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