Bull Charge [Fighter General

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You charge hard.

Prerequisites: Speed 40ft or higher Benefits: Whenever you hit with a charging attack, you may immediately attempt a bull rush (as a charge action) on the same opponent as a free action.

Channel Ki [Metamagic] You use ki to enhance your spells.

Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist or stunning attack ability, any other metamagic feat

Benefits: By giving up one of your stunning attacks for the day, you can decrease the cost of any other metamagic feat by one spell level, to a minimum cost of zero.

For example, you could use Channel Ki to reduce the level of the spell slot of a Maximized spell to 2 levels higher than normal instead of 3.

Using this ability is not considered an action, and can only be used once per round while casting the spell.

Special: This metamagic feat can only be used by those able to cast spells on the fly, without preparation, such as bards or sorcerers. Channel Ki cannot be used with prepared spells.

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