Changing Class Abilities

The following rules are designed to give DMs and players the ability to customize monk abilities to reflect different orders, cultures, and doctrine, without multiclassing. The monk is a very spiritual class, and using these substitutions creates a variant class that is usually more combat oriented, granting additional feats for greater customization.

It is recommended that you do not use the following methods so much that the monk gains a total of more than three bonus feats. If you wish to alter your monk more than that, then you should play a martial artist or fighter instead, perhaps multiclassing as a monk.

Feat Substitution: This is probably the easiest way to customize your monk, and the most recommended. Substitute a feat from the martial artist's bonus feat list, if you meet the prerequisites for it, for any one of the following feats or abilities: Deflect Arrows, Improved Trip, improved evasion, abundant step, diamond soul, quivering palm, or empty body. The choice is made when the ability would have been gained, and you may not change your mind later.

Reduced Will Saving Throw: This can only be done when the monk is at 1st level. In exchange for using the Will saving throw table of the martial artist, the monk gains a bonus feat from the martial artist's bonus feat list at 2nd level. This is seen as a quick way to power for the impatient, often regretted at higher levels, but appropriate for some orders.

Reduced Movement: Sacrifice both the Slow Fall and Fast Movement abilities. You gain a bonus feat from the martial artist bonus feat list at 4th, 8th, and 12th monk class levels. This is a popular selection for temple guards or other non-traveling monks that have less use for Slow Fall and Fast Movement.

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