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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Bringing the Energy to the Palms

Place the left palm over the right and rub in a circular manner from left to right twenty-four times. Then reverse the hands, right over left, and repeat. This will stimulate circulation. The hands are now warm. Place the palms on the back above the kidneys. Rotate both hands vigorously on the back twenty-four time. Then hold the hands over the kidneys for a few minutes. This will strengthen the kidneys, improve the posture, and increase vitality. This area is known as the Gate of Life. The exercise is called Kindling the Fire.

The Internal Training Methodology

This in turn leads to the improved output of Qi which is a result of the improved metabolism through the abundance of Jing. Qi is derived from the nutrients we eat and the air that we breath. Qi itself flows with the blood and both can be controlled through mental focus. Proper mental focus leads the qi round the body improving vitality through improved blood flow and sufficient supply of nutrients, gaseous exchange and vital energy. The breath is very important in qi generation and deep breathing efficiently utilising the capacity of the lungs is important but never to the point where it becomes unnatural. This leads to an improved tonus in the musculature and ultimately leads to a healthy body.

Ki The Spirit of the Wirrior

For centuries Eastern warriors have sought to cultivate an extraordinary form of personal power. It is called ki (pronounced key ) in Japan, chi ( chee ) in China and prana in India. We really have no one word in English that adequately conveys the full meaning of ki. Approximations include energy, spirit, aura, vitality, breath, life force and inner strength. It's simply ki. Like the businessman or anyone else living at the gut level, the warrior doesn't really care very much what something is called, but only if it actually works and, if it does, how to make it work for him.

The Yellow Emperors Classic on Internal Medicine embraces the principle life is movement

Breathing naturally and efficiently with the breath working in complete coordination with the body motion will greatly increase the body's endurance, strength, and vitality. If the breath is held, or the physical body motions are working against the natural expansion and contraction of the chest cavity, then the breathing will not be optimal. Also, if the practitioner does not execute daily exercises which are designed to gently stretch the lungs, the lung tissue and the intercostal muscles between the ribs can become tight and thus normal breathing will become restricted.

Bow Sim Mark practicing with her sister in 1981

Bow Sim Mark

The special characteristics of Chinese wushu lie in the fact that it not only comprises abundant and distinct fighting techniques, but also contains precious sporting value and high artistic value. This many faceted nature of wushu works wonders in satisfying the needs of practitioners. In addition, wushu does not force its followers to practice the art rigidly according to a narrowly prescribed model. As soon as one attains a certain level of proficiency and grasps the essence of the art, he or she is free to expand according to individual merit and unique personal style. In performing Combined T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Bow Sim Mark moves steadily and precisely. Her postures are upright, revealing her inner vitality. When she executes a vigorous movement, her focusing chin is powerful and swift. Firmness is

The Method Instruction Adopted By Zen Masters

A ridiculous thing it is, in fact, that man or woman, endowed with the same nature as Buddha's, born the lord of all material objects, is ever upset by petty cares, haunted by the fearful phantoms of his or her own creation, and burning up his or her energy in a fit of passion, wasting his or her vitality for the sake of foolish or insignificant things.

Some Taijiquan References

'When the breath is concentrated in the Tan tien, it may bring the vital fluid everwhere. The vital fluid is the well known biotin , which consists of air and other nutrients including dissolved food. According to Taoism, it may sublimated intoe Essence (Jing), Vitality (Qi) and Spirit (Shen), in sequence. That is to say, the physical ingrediants are transformed into psychical beings or energies. When one's body is full of it, one will not only be strong and alove but also attain longevity, even immortality.' Primodial Pugilism (Tai Chi Chuan) by Dr Tseng Ju-Pai, 1975, Paul H. Crompton Ltd (Dr Tseng was a disciple of YCF)

The Li I Yu Collection Of Taijiquan Classics

The spirit of vitality reaches to the top of the head and the qi sinks to the navel. The body is held erect without leaning in any direction. Your opponent should not be able to detect your change from substantial to insubstantial or vice versa, because of your speed in effecting this change. When your opponent brings pressure on your left side, that side should be empty. The same holds for the right side. When he pushes upward or downward against you, he feels as if there is no end to the emptiness he encounters. When he advances against you, he feels the distance incredibly long when he retreats, he feels it exasperatingly short. In any action the entire body should be light and agile and all of its parts connected like pearls on a thread. The qi should be cultivated the spirit of vitality should be retained internally and not exposed externally.

The Goals of Qi Gong Practice

Psychological problems resulting from improper qi gong can stem from the fact that the heart houses the shen ( ). In Chinese medicine, the shen (or spirit ) is related to spiritual wisdom, intuitive insight, creative capacity, mental awareness, and overall vitality. The psychological problems occur due to the physical heart damage, as discussed above, because when the heart is damaged in any way, the shen can be affected. Unfortunately, when these problems occur Westerners do not usually pick up on them or do not relate them to the qi gong practice. The typical dysfunction of this type is what is known in Chinese medicine as shen disturbance.

The Pathology Of Nonhuman Contacts

The explanation of tlie curious power, both of fascination and destruction which is exercised by non-hunans nay lie in tlie fact that they belong to one element only, whereas in nan all four are combined. Any elemental contact is stimulating to us. because elemental beings pour forth in abundance tlie vitality of tlieir own particular sphere, arxl tliis vitalises tlie corresponding element in ourselves. B ut il a four-element creature is drawn into tlie sphere of a single element lie is poisoned by an overdose of tlie one element in which hie finds himself, and starved of tlie other three. It is for this reason that mortals in tlie faiiy kingdom are always said to lie enchanted or asleep They are never living normally in full possesion of tlieir faculties.


Most young people and adults breathe by raising and opening the chest cavity. Many people who do conventional fitness exercises and take part in strenuous sports breathe from the chest as well. This is how their breathing has developed in the years since birth. Our goal is different, however. We want to return to the powerful, deep breathing we were born with, in order to enhance the power of our vitality.

Internal Jing

The body's essence (jing) is built up to ensure a plenteous supply, this is transformed into qi which nourishes and provides the vitality to the musculature, bones, organs and also the mind. Qi in traditional Chinese medicinal theory is the basis of life in the body and its presence and relative volume determines the health and vitality of the body. Qi itself is directed by the Mind Spirit which is itself dependent on qi for its mental capability.

Form And Training

The form teaches us the content of the art, allows us to know ourselves and how we function. Tui Shou and other two man exercises expand on this knowledge and teach us also how to know others. In knowing ourselves and knowing others we can conquer them a hundred times out of a hundred. The form teaches us how our body can function efficiently and how it moves, what makes it live and and what makes it effective. We learn here how to experience and control what we loosely refer to as energy , vitality principle , vector energy , jing or qi . The form is a means to experience, cultivate and learn how to effectively use this energy. This energy is manifested through opening and closing and has its origins in breath. This energy movement denotes the internal form (nei xing) and the physical movement denotes the external form (wai xing). In the beginning the internal form comes from and is molded by the external form but later the external form follows the dictates of the internal form. In...

Chi Ki and Prana

Proponents of traditional Chinese martial arts often claim that masters can project their chi to control students' actions, move objects . . . even kill. Such masters can also direct their chi internally to perform superhuman feats mighty leaps, impossible lifts, running up walls, shattering objects, and so forth. In modern China, though, the concept of chi runs contrary to the state's atheistic Communist philosophy. Chi is seen as nothing more than the vitality of a body in perfect health it's a matter of fitness, not mystical forces.

Chapter Seven

Jing is reflected in the general vitality of an individual. It could be seen as representative of the constitution. Our basic constitution is determined by our parents Jing at conception and may be maintained or depleted after birth by our lifestyle and exposure to or lack of exposure to the environment of our world, including those elements created by nature and man. That old saying, You are what you eat is only partly true, You are what you absorb is closer to the mark.

By John D Bracy

The term internal was widespread in China centuries before the advent of internal boxing and used as a label for energetic based practice methods. In Chinese these methods were called nei tan or inner alchemy. They addressed the idea of conserving and transforming ch'i in the body. This term was used since at least the Tang Dynasty. There are books such as the Fu Nei Yuan Ch'i Ching (Manual of Absorbing the Internal Ch'i of Primary Vitality) and others dating from that time which discuss moving and transforming the nei ch'i, or inner ch'i. These concepts formed the basis of a Taoist gymnastic tradition called Tao Yin. The theory governing this tradition hold that ch'i in the body could be obstructed by gates and other blockages along energetic channels. Exercises were created to encourage the unencumbered flow of life energy. Physiotherapeutics were performed to make the body more supple and to rest it. Adepts believed the result of these exercises was to produce longevity or even...


Is essential to understanding yourself as well as dissecting others. In the long run you'll get a lot more use out of alternative medical skills than fighting skills. Applying chi kung to healing is one cf the so-called siddhi or magics associated with enlightenment. Reiki, medical chi kung, shiatsu, homeopathy, and therapeutic touch are all based on the principles of harmonizing the flow of life energy to speed or restore healing energy as opposed to curing. Once you have learned how to generate and move energy through your own body it is a simple procedure to offer this blessing to others. You don't have to be deeply religious in the mundane sense. Practically anyone can give someone else a little blast of energy. I've been told by Crystal Kroll-Young that in Canada where therapeutic touch is part of the training for most nurses, no hospital staffed with TT nurses has ever been sued for malpractice. The trick is in intention.

Equi Limbed Cross

When dealing with a person who saps your vitality, interlace your fingers, and lay your folded hands upon your solar plexus, keeping your elbows pressed against your sides. Keep your feet touching each other. You have thus contacted all your own terminals and made of your body a closed circuit. No magnetism will go out from you while you maintain this attitude. Your friend will probably complain of your lack of sympathy, however kindly you may speak.

One Must Keep Silent

I have heard that in ancient times, the people lived to be over one hundred years old, and yet remained active and did not become decrepit in their activities. But in our time, they only reach half that age and become weak and failing. Is it that mankind is degenerating through the ages and is losing his original vigor and vitality In ancient times, the people understood the Tao, the great principle of the universe. They patterned themselves upon the laws of Yin and Yang, were sober and led regular simple lives in harmony with Nature. For these reasons, they were healthy in mind and body, and could live to a ripe old age. In our time, they drink alcohol as if it were water, seek all manner of physical pleasure and abandon themselves to intemperance. Their passions exhaust their vital forces, their cravings dissipate their true essence, they do not know how to find contentment within themselves. They are not skilled in the control of their spirits and devote all their attention to the...

Technique DI

Peyote Rituals Pictures

It is possible to give birth to QI through JIN, QI can give birth to SHEN, nourishing vital forces form an entity, everything should follow the established order. At first - breeding vitality , then - fighting. At first it is necessary to breed JIN and when JIN replenishes, QI can be strengthened, when QI is strong, Spirit SHEN boils with energy, if SHEN is energetic, the body is healthy, if the body is healthy, diseases have no chance to penetrate. VISHAYA5. Truth is comprehended in combination of achievements in breeding vitality and the fighting art .

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