1 rnd/lvl



16. Woodsight — Caster can see through wood (up to I" per level).

17. Long Vision — As any of the lower level Vision spells on this list but without a range limit (i.e., they allow the caster to see anywhere he could normally see).

18. Illusionsight — Caster cannot see any visual illusions. This does not affect any of the other senses.

19. Stonesight — Caster can see through stone (up to I" per level).

20. Taovision — As all lower level Vision spells functioning at the same time.

25. Conveyance — Caster's awareness leaves his body (which is inactive for the duration of this spell) and may travel at a rate of I mile per minute. However, it can only travel 10' per round when moving through solid material or observing the real world. If the spell expires before the caster returns to his physical body, he will return to his body at the fixed rate of 500' per round and upon reluming to his body, he must make a RR modified by -50 or die (the attack level is equal to the number of rounds overstayed).

30. Metalsight — As Stonesight, except any metal can be seen through.

50. Taosense — Caster may use any one of the low er level spells (on this list) each round.

Special Notes

See Section 7.1.19 in Spell Law for more information on the environment's effects on vision.

Taoist Monk Base List 20. lA

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