Character Creation

This section outlines the new options available for character creation in RMSS using this companion. Some guidelines for including martial arts skills in the Adolescent development stage are briefly stated. For those players who wish to use new talents and flaws, new tables are introduced that focus on the martial arts. Some character concepts that fit well into martial arts are briefly profiled to spark player or Gamemaster imaginations. In addition a number of random tables for generation of martial arts organizations and teachers are included in the next section to make the Gamemaster's job even easier.

The stats, potential stats, and stat bonuses use the same generation rules as presented in RMSS. The determination of race and culture remains the same as presented in RMSS. The determination of profession remains the same as in RMSS.


Melissa is generating a new character for a campaign. Having just read through the contents of this companion, she decides that she wishes to make a Warrior Monk character. This campaign is using the point total character creation method, and Melissa has 660 points available to spend. Melissa chooses to play a Common Man culture in the campaign world that is known for its knowledge of martial arts. Noting that the prime requisites for the Warrior monk are Quickness and Self Discipline, Melissa decides to spend her points as follows (potentials are in brackets,followed by total modification for stats):

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