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The Chi Powers skills are an optional set of skills for use | with this companion. The purpose of Chi Powers skills is to represent the incredible feats that have been associated with martial artists. The Chi Powers skills are presented in three levels of power Core, Heroic, and Fantastic. Not all the Chi Powers skills may be appropriate for the Gamemaster's game (each Gamemaster should evaluate each skill to determine its fate in his world).

If a player or Gamemaster wishes to develop new Chi Powers skills, keep in mind several guidelines that were used in the creation of all the Chi Powers skills presented in this companion. No Chi Powers skills give automatic combat capabilities to unskilled practitioners. These skills are used in concert with other combat skills that the wielder possesses. All Chi Powers skills require a significant investment in time and effort to learn. No Chi Powers skill should create a spell effect that is greater than an average 10th level spell presented in Spell Law.

A Chi Powers skill is developed after instruction in the

┬╗secret techniques needed to cultivate the specific power, and then is further developed by the student undergoing a rigorous training regimen that may take many years to complete. The effects of Chi Powers skills should be considered as magical in nature and thus should be detectable by users of magic or possibly even with Power Perception static maneuvers.

The following two examples are taken from actual training methods used by martial artists in ancient China for the development of incredible skills. In ancient China there are recorded descriptions of the training practices followed by martial artists to develop their chi powers, the time required for complete mastery of a single technique could be anywhere from five to twenty years of continuous training. This brief section is designed to give the Game-master some ideas of how characters in his campaign might train to develop Chi Powers. The word kung used in the titles of these samples is Chinese and loosely means "method of training." Both of the examples given show ways that characters might develop the Chi Powers: Distance Strike skill. See Section 2.1 for further information on the historical development of Chinese martial arts.

The Red Sand Palm Kung allows the adept to make motions of striking an opponent with his palm from a distance and directly injure his target through the force of the adept's Chi. In most cases, death will result in a matter of weeks.

Initially the training begins with a basin of very fine red sand. The student trains by scooping up the fine sand with both of his hands and closing his palms together while he attempts to crush the grains of sand. The student will practice this exercise for hours every day until, after years of continuous training, the student can cause the fine sand to move without touching it while holding his hands at a distance of several inches. The student would then repeat this training with coarser sand until he could achieve the same results at a distance of roughly one foot. Next the student would replace the sand with small iron beads and follow the same process. After success was achieved with the beads, larger iron balls would be placed in the basin. When a student is finally able to cause an iron ball to jump out of the basin by merely rubbing his palms sharply over the basin, he will have achieved mastery of this skill. At this point, the new adept can now focus his power to injure an opponent from a distance.

The One Finger Kung seeks to achieve effects similar to the Red Sand Palm Kung. In this form of training, the student begins by attempting to move a large iron bell by pressing it with one finger. After continuous practice, the student is soon able to make the iron bell move with only the lightest touch. The next goal of the student is to practice this exercise until he can make the iron bell move from a distance of several feet by merely pointing at it with his finger. The final stage of the bell training involves the student practicing until he can cause the clapper to ring inside the iron bell without the bell moving.

The next stage of training involves attempting to extinguish the flame of a lighted candle from a distance of ten to twenty feet away. When the student can accomplish this feat, a glass lantern with a lit candle inside is substituted for the final phase of training. When the student reaches a level of mastery at which he can extinguish the candle without breaking the glass of the lantern, he will have achieved mastery of this skill. At this advanced level of skill, an opponent can be injured even if a door or other obstacle stood in one's way.

Each new Chi Powers skill is detailed in this section. Following the skill name, the recommended power level (Core, Heroic, or Fantastic) for each skill is shown in brackets. These are suggestions for the Gamemaster and may not be suitable for all campaigns. Only the new Chi Powers skills are shown in each category.

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Chi Powers Skills

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Chi Powers Skills

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