Combat maneuvers

This sub-section discusses the various combat maneuvers that a character might want to perform in a combat round.

Weapon Styles

Both Basic and Advanced Weapon Style skill are used during a character's attacking action. Only one weapon style at a time can be used in a combat round. The advantage in using a weapon style is that the stylist gains the unique benefits of his style for that round. See Section 14.2 for further discussion on using weapons styles during combat.

Missile Deflecting

The Missile Deflecting skill requires a 100% activity action during the round. While engaging in Missile Deflecting, the combatant is considered to be carefully watching and gauging the flight of all missiles towards him. The difficulty of the Missile Deflecting maneuver is directly proportional to the number of missiles the character attempts to deflect in a given round. If the character has a

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