Designer: Steve Danielson Developer: John W. Curtis DI

Project Specific Contributions:

Series Editor: John Curtis;

Content Editor: Coleman Charlton;

Proofreader: Kevin Elliott;

Other Contributions: Don Dennis;

Interior Illustrations: Steven Cavallo, Storn Cook,

Fritz Haas, Greg Smith, Adam Wallenta; Cover Illustration: Romas Kukalis; Art Direction: Jessica Ney-Grimm; Assisting Art Direction: Jason O. Hawkins; Pagemaking: Sherry Robinson; Cover Graphics: Wendy Frazer;

ICE Staff:

Sales Manager: Deane Begiebing; Managing Editor: Coleman Charlton; President: Peter Fenlon; CEO: Bruce Neidlinger; Editing, Development, A Production Staff:

John Curtis, Donald Dennis, Jason Hawkins, Wendy Frazer, Bob Mohney, Nick Morawitz, Jessica Ney-Grimm, Michael Reynolds; Print Buying and Rights Director: Kurt Fischer; Sales, Customer Service, & Operations Staff:

Becky Blanton, Arthur Brill, Steve Hardy, • Olivia H. Johnston, Chad McCully, Dave Platnick, Karina Swanberg, Monica L. Wilson; Shipping Staff: Dave Morris, Daniel Williams.

Copyright 1997 by Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. ... All rights reserved No reproductions without author's permission. Produced and distibuted by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, Inc., P.O. Box 1605, Charlottesville, VA 22902 First U.S. Edition 1997 Stock #5602 ISBN 1-55806-313-7

Printed in Canada

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