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Part I Contents Welcome to Martial Arts Companion! This book details f rules for creating and running characters that employ ro uc ion martial arts techniques within the Rolemaster Standard

1.1 Assumptions 5 System. Martial Arts Companion uses the standard nota-

1.2 Changes 6 tion from the following/?o/emaííerStandardSystemyxod-

2.0 Historical Martial Arts 7 ucts: Rolemaster Standard Rules, Arms Law, Spell Law, o i tu r> • • e»i i a- n and Gamemaster Law. It is also compatible with Talent

2.1 The Origins of Martial Arts 7 .

^ „ Law, Castles and Ruins, Weapon Law: Firearms, Treasure

Companion, Arcane Companion, and Races and Cultures:

3.0 Fitting Martial Arts into Your Campaign. ... 14 Underground Races. Within these pages you will find a

3.1 Integrating into Current Campaigns 14 wealth of information detailing how to use, create, and run

3.2 Common Character Themes 15 martial arts in your campaign. In addition, there is also a

3.3 Challenges and Finding Teachers I'lIII' 15 grcat deal of information regarding the historical progres-3 4Creatin Cultures 16 sion and development ofmartial arts that may be applicable

3:5 power ¿»"is ::::::::::::::::: n ,o ^game !J,scen,•

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