Creating Styee5

The first thing to do when starting to create a new martial ™ arts style or weapon style is to try to develop a mental picture of style. Try to imagine how a skilled practitioner of this style would fight. After the concept of the style has been determined, it is time to turn to the mechanics of actually figuring out the point cost of the style. If the style is primarily weapon based, it should be a weapon style. If the style is primarily unarmed combat based, it should be a martial arts style.

The next decisions revolve around the characteristics of the style. If the style is very aggressive, it should include initiative bonuses and in the case of unarmed combat, high damage threshold martial arts attacks. If the style is very defensive, it should include Lesser or Greater Adrenal Defense and other combat options that do not directly relate to attacks. If the style promotes mobility, it should have bonuses for movement-related skills in combat.

If the Gamemaster allows special maneuvers or techniques with a martial arts style, he should follow these general guidelines. Basic martial arts styles should not have more than two special maneuvers. Advanced martial arts styles should not have more than four special maneuvers. When designing a special maneuver or technique keep in mind several points. Special maneuvers or techniques should have some relevance to the overall style and not be included to prop up some shortcoming of the style. If a special maneuver has effects that can substantially affect game play, it must rely on a static maneuver to see if it was performed successfully. If a special maneuver or v technique duplicates or improves the effects of an existing skill, it should rely on that skill bonus to determine the success of the static maneuver. Special maneuvers and techniques are meant to help flesh out a particular style, and should be secondary to the actual style skills chosen with the style point system as outlined in Section 9.1.

It is important that the Gamemaster carefully consider the total style point cost of the newly created style. The total style point cost will determine whether the style is considered an Advanced or Basic style, which will have an effect on how easy it is to learn the new style. The total style point cost becomes more important if the Gamemaster is using the optional cultural modifications to martial arts styles and weapon styles as shown in this section.

Character-Created Styles

If the Gamemaster allows, players can have their characters create their own martial arts style or weapon style. The creation process follows all of the above guidelines with the Gamemaster acting as the final arbitrator for what is allowed in the style. The mechanics for character-created styles are as follows.

• The character must know all the skills that the style will incorporate (e.g., if the style incorporates Adrenal Defense, the character must know Adrenal Defense);

• The character must develop 10 ranks in the style before he can use the style. This represents the research and train-

^k ing that he must undergo when creating the style;

• When the character has developed 20 ranks in the style, it can be taught to others and is considered a real style.

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