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-26 or less Spectacular Failure

You search high and low and fail to find a teacher or school willing to teach you your desired martial art. You do, however, succeed in finding the attentions of the local authorities (or a powerful underworld organization) that brands you a dangerous subversive and imprisons you without a trail. You languish in prison for 1-10 (high open-ended roll) months before you are finally freed.

-25 to 25 Absolute Failure

You fail miserably. You lose a fair amount of money in the pursuit of your teacher.

26 to 75 Failure

You fail to find any qualified teachers. The local martial artists do not think anyone in this region practices the martial art that you desire to learn. Perhaps you should try elsewhere.

UM 66 Unusual Event

You are taken in by a fraud who teaches you useless lessons in exchange for your hard-earned money. You discover the scheme after several months, but you do not catch the criminal. You only learned a lesson in caution.

76 to 90 Partial Success

You do not find a teacher of the exact martial arts skill that you were looking for but, you do find a skilled teacher.

UM 100 Unusual Success

You find a great teacher who is able to teach you your desired martial arts skill as well as several other skills that you are interested in. The teacher takes a personal interest in your training and considers you a friend.

91 to 110 Near Success

You find a teacher able to teach you your desired martial aits skill, but he does not have the time to teach you. He gives you some other names in this region and adjoining regions to try. You may roll again on this table if you desire with a special +10 modifier.

Ill to 175 Success

You find aqualified teacher willing and able to teach you the desired martial arts skill.

176 or more Absolute Success

A legendary teacher of your desired martial art agrees to take you on as his student. When determining whether a martial arts style or weapon style is a Basic or Advanced skill, you fnay treat the style as if it costs ten fewer style points. This represents the superior teaching methods of your new instructor.

Individuals that train a character in the use of his martial arts skills have a very important influence on the character's life. In terms of game mechanics, a player who has a character that specializes in martial arts skills can easily spend approximately 30% to 60% of his available development points each level on his martial arts skills. It is then becomes equally important to attempt to make sure that some of the character's role playing and campaign involvement will stem from his martial arts skills.

Here are some charts to determine some random characteristics about the character's past, present or future martial arts teachers and organizations.

Section 12.1

Finding a Teacher

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