■ If the Special Attacks skill bonus is lower than the weapon OB used to deliver the special attack, there is no modifier to the Special Attacks skill bonus.

• The character may sacrifice some of his weapon OB (up to his Special Attacks skill bonus) to increase his chances of the success of his special attack. This is added to the roll for the success of the special attack maneuver. If the character has any remaining bonus left, he may allocate it between attacking and parrying as normal.

Example: The Laughing Swordsman, a notorious bandit, has a weapon OB of+65 with a broadsword and a +80 bonus for the Disarm Foe skill. The character decides to disarm his opponent. Since his Disarm Foe skill bonus is higher than his applicable weapon OB, his Disarm Foe skill bonus is reduced to +65. The player decides to apply 30 points of his Disarm Foe skill bonus to his roll to disarm his opponent. The other 35 points are allocated to his weapon attack OB. The player splits his OB into a +25 bonus for attack and a +10 bonus to defense (e.g., a parry).

The opponent of the Laughing Swordsman is actually Hsio Tung, an experienced arms instructor. Hsio's Feint skill bonus is +80, but his broadsword OB is +120. Knowing the large reward on the Laughing Bandit if he is captured, Hsio decides to attempt a quick Feint to penetrate his defenses. Since Hsio's Feint skill bonus is less than his weapon OB, his Feint skill bonus remains at +80. Hsio decides to allocate all 80 points (the maximum he can) to his Feint attempt of the remaining 40 points of his broadsword OB, Hsio places all 40 into defense and attempts a +0 OB attack.

The chances for success of each maneuver are as follows: the Laughing Swordsman has a modifier of-90 to his disarming attempt (his 30 Disarm Foe skill bonus minus Hsio Tung's total useable OB of 120). If the Laughing Swordsman succeeds, his opponent will be at his mercy; Hsio Tung has a modifier of +15 to his feinting attempt (his 80 Feint skill bonus minus the Laughing Swordsman's total useable OB of 65). If Hsio Tung succeeds, he will be able to nullify some or all of the Laughing Swordsman's defenses and he will receive a +40 bonus to his weapon OB (he will get half of the points he put into the Feint maneuver back if he succeeds). If either combatant fails his maneuver, he must still attack.

Racial Attacks

A racial attack is generally considered an Everyman skill for the race that use them. Racial attacks might include a tail bash, bite attack, claw attacks, etc. Racial attacks can be incorporated into Martial Arts Styles or Weapon Styles skills. Treat aracial weapon attack with a Small damage threshold as the point cost equivalent to a martial arts Degree 1 attack and a racial weapon attack with a Medium damage threshold as the point cost equivalent to a martial arts Degree 2 attack. Normally, Racial Attack skills cannot progress above Medium damage (or Degree 2 effectiveness).

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