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Part ii

Section 14.3

Using Skills in Combat

Optional Rule [Heroic]—Martial artists can attempt to use higher attack forms within their own style. If the martial artist tries to use a martial arts attack with a higher damage threshold than the current martial arts style he is using, he may use the more sophisticated attacking technique with an additional -20 modifier for every Degree he is exceeding the style's limitation. The martial artist is still constrained by his Martial Arts Style skill bonus when determining his available OB.

Example: Shih Yung, the Stone General is a master at the Iron Robe Advanced Martial A rts Style with a total style OB of+70 and an expert at Martial Arts Sweeping with an OB of+65. While using his style, he wishes to use a Degree 3 Martial Arts Sweeping attack against his foe. Since the Iron Robe style only incorporates Degree 2 Martial Arts Sweeping attacks into its style, Shih Yung will have an additional -20 modifier to his OBI. Now Shih Yung's total bonus to attempt this attack will be +45 (take the lesser of the style OB and the sweeping OB, then apply any negative modifiers).

Adrenal Deflecting

Adrenal Deflecting requires a 60% activity action during the round it is attempted. While engaging in Adrenal Deflecting, the combatant is considered to be carefully watching and gauging the flight of all missiles towards him. The difficulty of the Adrenal Deflecting maneuver is directly proportional to the number of missiles the character attempts to deflect in a given round. If the character has a large object that would be useful in parrying missiles, the Gamemaster may assign a bonus to the attempt (e.g., a shield might give a +20 bonus and a small pot might give a +5 bonus). In the case of a Failure result, the character loses the benefit of any DB due to Quickness. In the case of an Extraordinary success, the character is assumed to safely deflect the missiles.

Adrenal Evasion

The Adrenal Evasion maneuver requires a 60% activity action in the round it is attempted. The character attempting Adrenal Evasion may not have any large objects in his hands or be encumbered while he is performing the maneuver. If the maneuver is successful, the Gamemaster should let the player position his character where he desires as long as it is within 10' from where the Adrenal Evasion maneuver was attempted. In the case of a Failure result, the character loses the benefit of any DB due to Quickness. In the case of an Extraordinary success, the character is assumed to avoid any two attacks directed at him this round (choose before results are rolled).

This sub-section discusses the various skills in the Self Control skill category that a character might want to perform in a combat round.

Adrenal Skills

There is no penalty for attempting back-to-back Adrenal skills. As long as the player allocates the 20% activity required for preparation time during the round, he may attempt an Adrenal skill during the following round. The roll for success of the adrenal skill in the next round comes at the end of the Deliberate Phase of the current preparation round. Please note that only one preparation action may be taken each round.

Optional Rule [Core]—Gamemasters may wish to add additional restrictions on attempting the Adrenal skills back-to-back (i.e., round-to-round). This restriction may be justified by stating that these types of skills require a good deal of internal energy to be expended that exerts a considerable strain upon the user if he does not get a chance to "rest". This can be modeled in game terms by adding an additional -10 modifier to the static maneuver for each consecutive round that these types of skills are being used.

Example: Shih Yung has performed the following skills in consecutive rounds: Adrenal Strength, Adrenal Speed, and Adrenal Speed. His player now wishes to attempt another Adrenal Speed static maneuver and the Gamemaster informs him that he will suffer an additional-30 modifier to his attempt since he has performed these type of skills for the three prior rounds.

Optional Rule [Heroic]—Gamemasters may wish to allow characters to carry the effects from an Adrenal maneuver to carry over from round to round. If the Gamemaster allows this, the character should make a new static maneuver every round (using the Adrenal skill). This skill roll suffers from a special penalty of -10 per round beyond the first round (this is cumulative; so carrying Adrenal Speed to a second round is a -10; a third round will be -20; a fourth round will be -30; etc.).

Stunned Maneuvering A successful Stunned Maneuvering skill will allow the wielder to attempt a non-attack action. The Stunned Maneuvering skill is declared in addition to the maneuver attempted and is resolved at the start of the Action Phase the maneuver was declared in. The maneuver will take place in the normal initiative sequence of actions.

Each Special Attacks skill represents the ability of the character to do something unusual during his attacking action. Most Special Attacks skills are resolved in combat the following way:

• It is assumed, unless stated otherwise, that the Special Attacks skill is available to all weapons of the same general type listed in the skill description (e.g., Disarm Foe-Armed (Polearm) would apply to all weapons in the Polearm category).

• The character must take an attack action to use his Special Attacks skill.

• If the Special Attacks skill has a higher bonus than the OB of the skill used to deliver the special attack, the Special Attacks skill bonus is limited to the skill OB. This means a character cannot be more skilled with a special attack than he is with the weapon he is using to deliver the special attack.

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