Spin foe around with your controlling hold. Foe's defenses are down. You have initiative for the next 2 rnds.

20«- (+25)

Sweeping throw sends foe rolling 10' In any direction. He strikes a hard object and injures his head. Foe is bleeding badly from his forehead Into his eyes.

+8H - O - * - (-50)

You grapple your foe and engage him in close combat. He is unsure what to do. You have initiative for the next 3 rounds.

42H - 2(x-40) - (+30)

Foe learns the power of gravity as he falls upon his own weapon. Roll for a weapon fumble. He also knocks the wind out of his lungs.


You manage to throw foe Into the attack ol another combatant. Foe tries to untangle himself this round. He also breaks his arm landing on the ground.

+8H - 4 0<5$ - (-20)

0 0

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