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Sections 15.0,15.1

Creating Styles

Cultures and Martial Arts

This section presents some additional examples of applying this companion to historical cultures. We have made a point of including a non-Eastern culture in this book to emphasize the point that the martial arts style and weapon style system can be applied to any culture or society.

As a quick review, the style point ranges that determine Basic or Advanced status of a martial arts style or weapon styles as follows.

Optional Rule [Core]: The Gamemaster may decide to modify these style point ranges for different cultures. It is not recommended that the Gamemaster change any of the point ranges by greater than +/- 10 style points. See the examples in Sections 8.3 and 9.3 for variable point ranges due to culture.

Sections 16.0,16.1

More Observations on Martial Arts

Original Argument

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