50. Renewal True — While ill a trance (from the Self Keeping spell on this list), the castercan use the lower level healing spells on this list to repair himself.

Special Notes

See Section 7.2 in Spell Law for additional notes regarding healing.

Note: This list is identical to the Monk Base list with the same name.

Taoist Monk Base List 20.1.2


Lvl Spell Area of Effect Duration Range Ty]

I round self 3 rounds self

1 round self

— self 5 rounds self caster caster 3 attacks caster caster

13) Dodging IV

caster caster 4 attacks caster caster

3 rounds 1 round 1 round 7 rounds

4 rounds self self

1 round self 10 rounds self

5 rounds self

18) Dodging V

caster caster 5 attacks caster caster

I round self U 10 rounds self Ü I rnd/lvl self U

all attacks caster caster


1 . Swing I — Allows caster to leap up to 10'vertically or laterally, grasp and swing from a fixed object, and land perfectly (up to 20' away from the object). The object could be a tree, branch, rafter, rope, chandelier, etc.

2 . Speed I — Caster may act at twice his normal rate (i.e., 200% activity per round), but immediately afterwards, he must spend a number of rounds equal to the rounds speeded at hall rate (i.e., only 50% activity per round).

3. Dodging I — Allows caster to dodge one non-spell attack (missile or melee) that occurs during the same round that this spell is cast. The caster must be able to see the attack (i.e. the attack cannot be from a foe to the rear or an invisible foe) and be must have room to dodge the attack; this results in the attack receiving a -50 modification.

4. Swing III — As Swing I, except three such maneuvers may be executed in rapid succession.

5. Flip I — Allows the caster to flip in any direction, landing up to 10' away (facing in any direction —no orientation roll required).

6. Haste I — As Speed /, except no half rate rounds are required.

7. Speed III — As Speed /, except duration is 3 rounds.

8. Dodging III — As Dodging I, except 3 attacks can be dodged.

9. Flip III — As Flip I, except the easier can execute three such maneuvers in rapid succession.

10. Speed V — As Speed I, except duration is 5 rounds.

11. Swing V — As Swing /, exccpt live such maneuvers may be executed in rapid succession.

12. Haste III — As Haste I, cxccpt the duration is 3 rounds.

13. Dodging IV — As Dodging I. except 4 attacks can be dodged.

14. Swing X — As Swing I, cxccpt ten such maneuvers may be executed in rapid succession.

15. Speed VII — As Speed I, cxccpt duration is 7 rounds.

16. Haste IV — As Haste I, cxccpt the duration is 4 rounds.

17. Great Flip — As Flip I, cxccpt the total distance traveled is I' per level.

18. Dodging V — As Dodging I, except 5 attacks can be dodged.

19. Speed X — As Speed I, except duration is 10 rounds.

20. Haste V — As Haste I, cxccpt the duration is 5 rounds. 25. Dodging True — As Dodging I, except all attacks can be dodged.

30. Haste X — As Haste I, except the duration is 10 rounds. 50. Evasions — Caster can use any one of the lower level non-Speed/Haste spells (on this list) each round.

Special Notes

See Section 7.1.24 in Spell Imw for additional rules regarding Speed and Haste spells.

Note: This list is identical to the Monk Hose list with the same name.


Inner Eye

!. Meditation Trance—Caster gains a special +25 modifier to ;ill Meditation static maneuver rolls.

2. Nightvision — Caster can see 100' on a normal night as if it were daylight.

3. Sidevision — Caster has a 300 degree field of vision. The Hank bonus for attacks against the caster is lowered to +5 and the rear bonus is lowered to +15.

4. Sense Harmony — Caster can sense if the "natural order" of the world is in harmony within the area of effect. The caster can determine if a man-made object is placed in a harmonious manner with the landscape, etc.

5. Watervision — Caster can see 100' in any water (including murky water) as if were daylight.

6. Fogvision — Caster can see 100'in any precipitation (including thick fog) as if it were daylight.

7. Sense Disharmony — Caster can sense if there is a disharmony in the "natural order" of the world within the area of effect. The caster gets an impression of something wrong, but not the reason why. For example, the caster could sense that magical effects were altering nature, or that some curse lay upon the area, etc.

8. Darkvision — As Nightvision, except any darkness can be seen through. Also no light is needed to make this spell work.

9. Detect Invisible— Dclccts any invisible object in the area of effect. Caster can concentrate on a different 5' radius each round.

10. Detect Illusion — Caster can check one object or place (up to 5' R) and tell if it is an illusion or has an illusion on it.

11. Sense Spirits — Caster can sense if spirits or elementáis are within range. This spell docs not give the caster the ability to communicate with the spirits or elementáis,

12. Disillusion — One illusion within the area of effect ceases to exist.

13. Awake — Awakens caster from any unnatural sleep (e.g., Sleep spell, sleeping drug, etc.). Caster takes one round to awaken.

14. Sense Disharmony True — As Sense Disharmony, except for the duration and range.

15. See Invisible — Caster can see all invisible things anywhere that he can normally see. In addition, he suffers no penalties against invisible targets (as llicy are not invisible to him).

TaoistMonk Bask List 20.1.3

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