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This sub-section contains descriptions of all weapons that deliver their damage at a distance but do not use a mechanical device to propel the weapon (using the thrower's skill alone).

Claw, Flying

The flying claw is a weapon used in certain types of Chinese martial arts. The flying claw consists of a metal weight, stylized to resemble a claw, attached to a long cord or light metal chain. The flying claw is used to ensnare an opponent and draw him off balance in order to leave him vulnerable to other attacks.

Note: A 60% activity action is needed to reload

(rewind) this weapon for another attack.

Dart, Rope

The rope dart is a weapon used in some styles of Chinese martial arts. The rope dart consists of a long rope or light metal chain that has a metal dart at one end. The wielder of the metal dart uses specialized maneuvers to wind the rope around his body, and then to unwind it at a high velocity to shoot the metal dart at his enemy.

Note: A 60% activity action is needed to reload

(rewind) this weapon.

Dart, Thrown

Small thrown darts are used in various styles of martial arts. Typically the darts are concealed from the opponent until the last moment and then hurled at the face and eyes. Traditionally, darts are hidden in the sleeves of a garment. Most martial arts masters look upon these weapons with disdain, as they imply that the wielder's martial arts skills are too weak to be used in melee combat.


The shuriken is a type of throwing dart developed in feudal Japan. Shuriken come in many shapes and styles. The most accurate types of shuriken are those shaped like long narrow darts. Other styles of throwing darts were developed with three to ten points, leading to the popularly known "star shuriken." Star shuriken do not have high penetrating power and thus are aimed at the face and the throat in order to slow an attacker.

This sub-section contains descriptions of all weapons that are unusual in nature, perhaps not normally thought of as weapons, or operate slightly differently than most weapons.

The fan is a popular accessory that is also used as a weapon in some Chinese martial arts. One reason for its popularity is that in Chinese society, a fan could be carried without comment. A man's fan was carried in the waistband or sleeve and it contained 9,16,20, or 24 ribs. The fan can be used closed to deliver precise blows to an opponent and then opened to confuse and distract the opponent. An opened fan can also be used to momentarily screen the sight of a foe in order to launch sneak attacks. A variant of this weapon is the iron fan, developed in Japan. The iron fan lived up to its descriptive name, as it had sharp iron blades for ribs (treat weapon strength as 65 - 76).

Fingernail Razors The fingernail razors are a special weapons used in some Chinese martial arts. They resemble small, sharpened, metal razors, which are inserted underneath the fingernails. They are typically used in to make a surprise attack.

Note: If an attack from this weapon results in a bleeding wound, the bleeding is increased by one point per round. It is also possible to coat the razors with a poison, but this could prove as dangerous to the wielder as the foe. Any attack that results in a critical transmits the poison, but the wielder has a 5% chance of poisoning himself each round.


The flute is a musical instrument that is also used as a weapon in some Chinese martial arts. It was thought that the music of the flute helped the wielder to channel his inner power or chi. In practice, the flute is wielded in much the same manner as a short stick with an emphasis on thrusting attacks with the end of the flute.


The shuko is a weapon developed by the ninja in feudal Japan. The shuko are worn over the hands and have metal plates with four spikes extending from the palm. Usually the shuko were used to aid in climbing, but they could also be used to make raking attacks with the palm spikes.

Note: The individual wearing shuko while climbing gains a special bonus of +15 to Climbing skill maneuvers. Martial Arts striking attacks while wearing the shuko can be resolved on the Claw Attack Table (maximum of Small results) if desired.

Whip, Nine-Section

The nine-section whip is a weapon developed in ancient China. It consists of nine flattened metal links, each three-to five-inches in length attached together. The farthest link from the handle of the whip has a sharp point. This weapon is employed in combat by snapping the sharpened metal link at a foe. The heavier weight of the metal links allowed for more force to be generated than by a standard hide whip.

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Weapon Descriptions

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