Mart1ae arts street performer v

The martial arts street performer is a character who uses his martial arts skills to gain money from spectators. He has a glib and agile tongue that often appears more skillful than his martial arts skills. The martial arts street performer is also looked down upon by "more serious" (and wealthier) practitioners of the martial arts world. Yet one must cat, and it is honest work. Sometimes the performer is a martial artist who has fallen on hard times and is without patronage. Thus it can be very dangerous to bait inept street performers, as they may be skilled martial arts students new to their trade who will bitterly resent any slur on themselves and their newfound situation in life. 'Watch now as / perform this maneuver for your pleasure, risking my life and limbs in this dangerous feat. No performer in this province has attempted this feat since the unfortunate and horrific death of Master Lo some thirty years ago...'

Time to Acquire: 37 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Friends on the street 70

Scrolls (+5 to specific lore skill) 30

Props (+10 to performances) 50

Member of performing troupe 40

Small-time underworld contact 30

Extra money, Id 10 (open-ended) 40

Friendly tavern owner 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Artistic Active skill category 2

choice of two skills 2 (total)

Artistic Gymnastic skill category I

choice of one skill I

Influence skill category 2

Public Speaking I

choice of one skill I

Subterfuge Stealth skill category 2

choice of one skill 2

Urban skill category 3

choice of up to two skills 4 (total)

Stat Gains: none

0 0

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