Martial artist l

A martial artist is a warrior trained in the ways of unarmed combat and maneuvering. However, a martial artist is also schooled in the areas of knowledge and the arts, especially in the care of the body. This is the generic package for those players not interested in the more specific training packages detailed in this section. Note: This is revised from the RMSR version

"1 have the honor to he a most humble student of Master Lee of the Central Disctrict. 1 hope that / do not disgrace my teacher in this competition. You may strike first worthy opponent. "

Time to Acquire: 143 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Victory at local tournament 50

Scrolls (+10 non-magic to a specific lore) 40

Scrolls (+5 non-magic to a lore category) 30

Common herbs (ld5) 50

Bracers (+5 Martial Arts Striking) 30

Book (+5 non-magic to a specific lore) 30

Reputation as a skilled fighter 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Artistic Passive 2

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Body Development skill category n/a

Body Development 2

Lore General skill category 2

Martial Arts Styles Lore 2

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Martial Arts Combat Maneuvers skill category n/a choice of one non-Restricted skill 2

Martial Arts Strikes skill category 3

Martial Arts Striking 2

Nerve Strikes 1

Martial Arts Sweeps skill category 3

Martial Arts Sweeping 2

Locking Holds 1

Self Control skill category 2

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Stat Gains: Strength, Agility

0 0

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