Martial Arts

European cultures did not develop fighting systems to as high a degree as Asian cultures. As a result, the style points ranges for European martial arts styles may be reduced from the original ranges given for the skills in Section 9,1. Optional Rule [Core]: When designing European martial arts styles, Basic Martial Arts Styles range from 0 to 20 style points and Advanced Martial Arts Styles range from 21 to 40 style points.


Basic Martial Arts Style [15 style points] Description—Savate is a French form of unarmed combat that focuses on leg and foot attacks. The influence of English style boxing eventually added some more effective hand strikes. This martial art was not followed as a primary form of combat. It was seen as a gentleman's sport that was used for exercise, sparring, and self-defense when a weapon was not available. This martial art also incorporated the use of the gentleman's walking cane or stick into its attack and defense techniques. Recommended Skills—Martial Arts Striking, Feint Martial Arts Abilities [Core]—Degree 2 Martial Atm Striking attacks [0 points]; +10 OB bonus to Fein™ maneuvers while using this style [ 10 points]; Club weapon kata while using this style [5 points]

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