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The martial arts challenger is a character who lives and breathes in the martial arts world. He strives to prove himself the most skilled and powerful practitioner of his style of martial arts. By defeating all of the other martial artists in the area, he seeks to improve his reputation and the reputation of his chosen martial arts. Often the martial arts challenger seeks to build his reputation in order to open his own martial arts school.

"I am known as the outstanding youth in this district. I desire to lest your knowledge of kung fu. Would you oblige me with a test of skill?"

Time to Acquire: 110 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Victory at local tournament 60

Victory at regional tournament 30

Weapon, +10 non -magical 25

Scrolls (+10 to Martial Arts Style Lore) 60

Rival martial arts school 40

Friendly martial arts teacher 50

Rival martial artist 20

Reputation as a good fighter 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Body Development skill category n/a

Body Development 2

Combat Maneuvers skill category n/a choice of one skill 2

Influence skill category 1

choice of one skill I

Lore General skill category 2

Martial Arts Style Lore I

Weapon Style Lore I

Martial Arts Combat Maneuvers skill category n/a choice of one skill 2

Martial Arts Strikes skill category 2

Martial Arts Striking 2

Martial Arts Sweeps skill category 2

Martial Arts Sweeping 2

Self Control skill category 2

choice of up to two non-Restricted skills 2 (total)

Special Attacks skill category n/a choice of up to two non-Restricted skills 2 (total)

Stat Gains: Strength

Professional Qualifier: Any training package that gives Martial Arts attacks skill ranks. [-3 points)

Part 111

Scctloas 17.3, 17.4

Caravan Guard (V)

Chi Master (L)


Part III

Sections 17.7, 17.8

Martial Arts Champion (V)

Martial Arts Performer (L)

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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