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The martial arts champion is a character who specializes in lighting for (he causes of others. The he answers challenges posed to his family or employer. Not all martial arts champions fight for money, some are affiliated with a house or cause they serve by ties of blood or honor. Those martial arts champions that fight for money receive much less respect from their peers.

"I represent the honor of the House Fushan in this matter. I demand an apology in order to repair your slight against House Fushan's honor. I await your answer. If you do not wish to retract your words now, I will meet you tomorrow morning in the central square and restore House Fushan's honor over your unconscious body."

Time to Acquire: 31 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Upcoming match 40

Weapon, +10 non-magical 10

Ceremonial garb for challenges 60

Rival martial artist 40

Ornate weapon 30

Ornate armor 30

Favor from powerful organization 50

Reputation as a good fighter 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Armor Light skill category I

choice of one skill 1

Body Development skill category n/a

Body Development 1

Combat Maneuvers skill category n/a choice of one non-Restricted skill I

Influcncc skill category I

Public Speaking 1

Martial Arts Combat Maneuvers skill category n/a choice of one non-Restricted skill

Martial Arts Strikes skill category

Martial Arts Striking

Martial Arts Sweeps skill category

Martial Arts Sweeping

Weapon skill category (choice) 2

choice of one skill 2

Stat Gains: none

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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