Martial Arts Companion


Part II

Section 7.9

Special Defenses

Racial Attacks This skill provides a bonus to use a natural weapon attack available to the character. The bonus of this skill is treated in all ways like a normal OB for purposes of attacking, parrying, using other special attacks, etc. Examples of natural weapon attack are horn attacks, claw attacks, tail lashes, or even biting attacks. Generally, all races with a special racial attack may learn this skill as an Everyman skill regardless of profession. The relative strength and effectiveness of each racial attack will vary by race and must be determined by the Gamemaster. See Sections 8.0 and 9.0 for more details on how to integrate racial attacks into weapon styles and martial arts styles.

Standard Skills: Adrenal Defense Restricted Skills' Adrenal Toughness,

Adrenal Resistance Applicable Stat Bonuses: None Skill Rank Progression: Combined Skill Category Progression: 0*0*0*0*0 Group: None Classification: Special

pletely. {None}

Adrenal Defense The Adrenal Defense skill allows the user to avoid attacks with missile or melee weapons during combat. The skill bonus of the defender is added to his DB versus melee attacks. Against missile attacks the skill bonus is halved and added to his DB. To use Adrenal Defense, an individual must be aware that he is under attack. In addition, the character must not be wearing armor and can not have a shield or large object in his hands. To represent the division of concentration necessary to avoid multiple attacks targeted at the user in the same round, Adrenal Defense requires 40% activity action in the combat round. {None} This Adrenal Defense activity does count as one of the three allowable actions in a tactical round (this restriction may be negated by using the proper Weapon Style or Martial Arts Style skill). The 40% activity required for Adrenal Defense does apply against the 100% activity limit for the round (this restriction may be lessened by using the proper Weapon Style or Martial Arts Style skill).

Adrenal Resistance The Adrenal Resistance skill enhances a character's inner strength to resist negative modifiers due to pain or wounds. To determine the penalty that can be offset, make an open-ended roll, adding this skill bonus, and all other applicable modifiers. Take the resulting number and refer to the "Extremely Hard" column of the Maneuver/Movement Table T-4.1, in Rolemaster Standard Rules. If the result is a number, it can be used to reduce any negative modifiers due to the pain from concussion hit loss or wounds by the amount shown. This skill requires a 20% preparation action in the round it is attempted, and the effects last up to an A entire hour. Note that the Gamemaster may decide in the case of using this skill to resist pain from extremely serious wounds that there may be a risk of further aggravating the injury. {None}

This skill requires a 10% activity action each round it is used, regardless of the amount of negative modifiers from wounds offset. The Adrenal Resistance activity does not count against the three-action limit in a tactical round. The 10% activity action required for this skill does apply against the 100% activity limit for a given round.

Adrenal Toughness The Adrenal Toughness skill allows the user to toughen his body to withstand blows that would otherwise inflict damage. This skill requires taking a 20% preparation action in the round immediately prior to the use of this skill (or during the snap action phase of the same round). Then the character must make a static maneuver modified by the skill bonus. If successful, the individual may reduce the severity of any critical by one during the next round or the remainder of the current round. (In the case of an 'A' critical, the critical is modified by -20). In addition, any Self-inflicted critical stemming from the individual striking a surface or object with his hand or foot is nullified com pletely. {None}

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