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Ring, Metal

The metal ring is an unusual weapon used in some styles of Chinese martial arts. This weapon is actually a large two-to four-foot-diameter metal ring. The ring was used in a deceptive manner to catch a foe's weapon or weapon arm and disarm him. The metal circumference of the ring was also useful in parrying attacks against the wielder. The ring could be used offensively as a crushing implement, but its primary focus was as a defensive weapon.

Note: The wielder of the ring has a special +15 bonus to Disarm Foe-Armed skill maneuvers.

Staff, Thorn The thorn staff is a weapon that was first used in Chinese martial arts. The name thorn staff is actually misleading as the thorn staff was actually a two-to three-foot rod ending in a hilt much like a sword handle. The "thorns" in this case are sharp one-or two-inch metal slivers pressed into the rod portion of the weapon. Against an unarmored opponent, a blow from this weapon can inflict painful scraping wounds. Even against armored opponents, the heavy core of the thorn staff generates crushing blows not unlike a mace.

Staff, Bo

The bo staff is a universal weapon found in many different martial arts styles in both Japan and China. The staff measures some six feet in length and is usually made of wood. The ease of use of this weapon coupled with its inexpensive nature make this a popular weapon with martial artists.

Staff, Jo

The jo staff is a shorter version of the bo staff. It is designed to be more easily maneuverable due to its lighter weight and shorter length. The jo staff was used widely in feudal Japan by the warrior classes.

Staff, Three-Sectioned

The three-sectioned staff is a weapon first developed in China. The three-sectioned staff is actually made up of three equal pieces of hardwood ranging from two to three feet in length each. The pieces are connected by metal links or a cord two to five inches long. In combat this weapon can be used to attack not unlike a flail, with the free end of the staff striking the opponent. This weapon is also useful in trapping opponent's weapons between the sections of the staff.

Note: The wielder of the three-sectioned staff has a special +10 bonus to Disarm Foe-Armed skill maneuvers.


The tetsubo is a heavy iron staff approximately six feet in length. Tetsubo is the Japanese name for this weapon, which has many counterparts in other Asian countries. The

staff typically has either a circular or hexagonal cross-section and a flaring shape that is widest at the striking end and narrowest at the handle. This weapon requires immense physical strength to use effectively.

Note: The user of this weapon must have a Strength stat bonus of +5 or greater in order to use this weapon effectively. If the Strength stat bonus is less than +5, this skill should be classified as Restricted.


The tonfa is a weapon first developed for use in martial arts in Okinawa. Originally peasants used the tonfa in their daily work but the martial artists of the island soon developed it as a weapon. The tonfa resembles a rectangular wooden block measuring one and a half feet in length and four inches in width. The tonfa has a short wooden handle near one end of the rectangular block that sticks perpendicularly from the broad plane of the weapon. The tonfa is held with the broad rectangular surface parallel to the forearm and a short section of several inches projecting beyond the fist. The tonfa is useful both as a blocking weapon and an attacking weapon.

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