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Roll on this chart, or use the point totals if you are using Talent Law.

Special Note about Flaws

If players have picked flaws that do not actually restrict their characters in any real way, the Gamemaster should feel free to have the player roll for another flaw or choose one for them. There is nothing wrong with allowing players to change flaws during the course of the campaign, but a flaw should always be detrimental to a character in some "real" way. The flaws listed here correspond to Major Flaws if Talent Law is not being used.

Example (continued)

Melissa has 6 background options to spend (or 60 talent points if using Talent Law). She chooses to spend her points as follows?

She spends three background points to select the Inner Chi talent and rolls for her randomly selected flaw that turns out to be the Family Enemy flaw. She spends a background option to gain extra languages since her character will be from a foreign culture compared to the rest of the party. She spends another background option to gain a special +5 bonus in the Martial Arts Combat Maneuvers skill category. Her last background option she spends to half the cost and time of the Martial Arts Opera Performer training package.

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