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The martial arts opera performer is a character who has been trained at a very early age to participate in a type of acrobatic opera company. The character has been trai ned to be flexible and acrobatic in order to accomplish the graceful but physically demanding traditional forms of the opera. To mimic the great warriors and heroes of the past, the performer has studied martial arts from a very young age. Most martial arts opera performers begin their apprenticeship at the age of six and continue in their profession the rest of their lives.

"I am the greatest performer of my time. My voice is without parallel, my movements are as graceful as the crane, and my skill is equal to that of the heroes of old."

Time to Acquire: 187 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Close friends with a famous performer 40

Extra d 10 (open-ended) in money 50

Small gifts from patrons 20

Currently performing in a play 30

Instrument (+5 non-inagical) 40

Friendly contacts with former troupe 60

Contacts in the arts world 40

Rich clothing 20

Reputation as a skilled performer 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Artistic Active skill category 5

Acting 2

choice of up to two skills 3 (total)

Athletic Gymnastics skill category 3

Tumbling 2

choice of one skill I (total)

Communications skill category 5

choice of up to three languages 5 (total)

Influence skill category 3

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Martial Arts Strikes skill category I

Martial Arts Striking I

Martial Arts Sweeps skill category I

Martial Arts Sweeping I

Self Control skill category 3

choice of up to two skills 3 (total)

Stat Gains: Agility fti)

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