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The use and development of weapons has always been linked with martial arts. Certain styles of martial arts may emphasize the use of weaponry more than others, but most martial arts styles have some association with weaponry. The types of weapons used with martial arts have varied wildly, depending on the location and time period in which the martial art developed.

Of all the of the historical martial arts styles of the world, the Chinese martial arts styles are famous for their wide and inventive use of weaponry. One example of a Chinese martial arts style that formulated the efficient use of bizarre weapons is Choy-Li-Fut which taught the use of the smoking pipe and wooden bench as weapons. Of course, martial arts also encourage the use of more obvious weapons such as the sword, spear, or staff.

There are literally hundreds of different types of martial arts weapons that have been used with various martial arts styles throughout history. Presented here are some of the most popular martial arts weapons, as well as some of the more obscure weapons to inspire the imagination of the reader. In the case where multiple attack tables are listed for the same weapon, the wielder may choose before he strikes which attack table to use on his opponent. In all cases, the wielder needs only to develop a single skill with the specific weapon in order to use it, no matter how many different attack tables the weapon may use.

A common theme among the martial arts weapons listed in this section is their limited effectiveness against fully armored opponents. Traditionally, these weapons were designed to be used against other martial arts masters who wore light or no armor. Many of the unusual weapons listed required great skill to use, and as a result a martial artist using one of these unusual weapons was in effect advertising his martial arts prowess and expertise. Little effort was expended in learning to use very large smashing weapons, as the encumbrance of such weapons did not play to the strengths of a martial artist - speed and mobility.

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