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Okinawa has a long history of martial arts. It is ideally situated between mainland China and Japan and as a result has benefited from ideas and techniques from both countries.


Basic Martial Arts Style [30 style points] Description—Karate is an aggressive martial art that seeks to disable an opponent as quickly as possible. Karate emphasizes kicks and strikes in extensive training to improve strength, speed, and flexibility. Primarily front and side kicks are emphasized, though flying or jumping kicks are also taught. Blocking techniques emphasize deflecting strikes or stopping them directly to set the opponent up for a fierce counter-attack. Many unique weapons have also been introduced into forms of karate, some of which include the nunchaku, sai, tonfa, and kama. See Section 2.6 for information on Okinawan martial arts.

Recommended Skills—Martial Arts Striking, Martial Arts

Sweeping, Nerve Strikes, Adrenal Defense Martial Arts Abilities [Core]—Lesser Adrenal Defense [10 points]; Degree 4 Martial Arts Striking attacks, Degree 2 Martial Arts Sweeping attacks, and Degree 1 Nerve Strikes attacks [10 points]; Nunchaku weapon kata [5 points]; Reduce nunchaku fumble range by 1 [51 points]

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