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The school master is a character who has spent many years learning a specific martial arts style. His training involved long hours of practice and conditioning, but now the character is an acknowledged master of his given martial arts style.

"I am Master Kim of the Water Flowing School. My school teaches its students to use the energy of their attackers against them. Our teachings allow our students to gain inner calm and tranquility."

Time to Acquire: 39 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Friendly contact with another school 50

Students (Id 10, income Id2 bp) 60

Rival competing school in same area 40

Scrolls (+5 to a general lore skill) 30

Training hall in city 35

Weapon, +5 non-magical 20

Rival master of opposing style 20

Certificate in his martial arts style 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Body Development skill category n/a

Body Development 1

Martial Arts Combat Maneuvers skill category n/a choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Martial Arts Strikes skill category 2

Martial Arts Striking 2

Martial Arts Sweeps skill category 2

Martial Arts Sweeping 2

Self Control skill category 2

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Special Attacks skill category n/a choice of one non-Restricted skill 1

Weapon skill category (choice) I

choice of one skill 1

Stat Gains: none

Part lit

Section* 17.9, 17.10

School Master (V)

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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