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The secret society member is a character who has been pulled from other walks of life and introduced to a secret movement. The current government does not support the movement's goals and thus the movement must keep a low profile. Members are taught how to fight and defend themselves for the time when the movement will come out of hiding and accomplish its goals.

"The Red Flag Society is dedicated to freeing the oppressed and overthrowing this corrupt regime. Join with us, I know you are a true patriot."

Time to Acquire: 22 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Friendly contact in the government 40

Friendly contact in the military forces 20

Knowledge of members in another city 40

Friendly low-ranking underworld contact 60

Wealth, Id 10 (open-ended) 30

Symbol of secret society 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Influence skill category I

choice of one skill 1

Martial Arts Strikes or Sweeps skill categories 1

choice of one non-Restricted skill 1

Subterfuge Stealth skill category 2

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Urban skill category 1

choice of one skill I

Stat Gains: none

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