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Taoist monks or Essence-based Monks are semi spell users who combine the realm of Essence with the realm of Arms. Their base spells deal with personal movement, the control of their own body, and the natural world while their arms capabilities are concentrated in unarmored, unarmed combat. A Taoist monk is reclusive and disdains much of the comforts of civilization, seeking to gain enlightenment through the observation of the natural world. A Taoist monk will tend to specialize in unarmed combat styles that mimic the attacks of animals.

"All life should be as the blade of grass in the wind, effortless, smooth, natural. The blade of grass does not resist but bends with the wind. Thus should life be lived." Prime Stats: Self Discipline and Empathy

Taoist monk Spell Lists

The Taoist monk or Essence-based Monk has six base spell lists found below. The full description of these lists may be found in Section 20.1. For a slightly higher development cost, the he may also develop Open Essence spell lists. Full descriptions of these lists can be found in Spell Law (pages 111-116). Other spell lists may be developed, but will cost a larger number of development points. Body Renewal: Increasing the healing rate of the caster's body.

Evasions: Allowing the caster to make incredible evasive maneuvers.

Inner Eye: Enhancing the senses of the caster and the ability to sense magical phenomena.

Open List (11-15) 12

Open List (16-20) 18

See Section profession.

Nature's Forms: Allowing the caster to change his body and take on characteristics of the natural world. Nature's Harmony: Allowing the caster to influence the natural world.

Monk's Bridge: Allowing the caster to move in unusual ways.

Profession Bonuses

Athletic • Gymnastics +5 Outdoor Group +5

Awareness Group +5 Power Awareness +5

Body Development +5 Self Control +10

Martial Arts Group +10 Weapon Group +5

Skills and Skill Categories

Artistic • Passive 2/5

Athletic • Endurance 2/7

Athletic • Gymnastic 1/5

Awareness • Perception... 4/14 Awareness • Searching 2/6

Awareness • Senses 3/7

Body Development 4/14

Combat Maneuvers 5/12

Communications 3/3/3

Crafts 4/10

Directed Spells 9

Influence 2/6

Martial Arts Combat Man 4/9

Martial Arts • Strikes 2/5

Martial Arts • Sweeps 2/5

Outdoor • Environmental. 2/5

The weapon categories are: 1-H Concussion, 1-H Firearms, 1-H Edged, 2-Handed Firearms, 2-Handed, Missile, Missile Artillery, Polearms, and Thrown. The player should assign one of the cateogires to each of the weapon categories shown above. Everyman Skills: Time Sense and choice of one non-

Restricted Martial Arts Combat Maneuvers skill Occupational Skills: Meditation Restricted Skills: Channeling

Spell Development*

Open List (11-15) 12

Open List (16-20) 18

*: When playing in a pulp campaign, this skill is only allowed if the GM is running a High Magic campaign.

See Section profession.

Part II

Section 6.3

New and Modified Professions

Power Awareness 3/7

Power Manipulation 6/12

PowerPoint Development.. 8

Science • Specialized 8

Self Control 2/4

Special Attacks 5

Special Defenses 6

Subterfuge • Attack 8

Subterfuge • Mechanics 4

Subterfuge • Stealth 2/7

Technical • General 3/7

Technical • Professional 8

Technical • Vocational.. 5/12

Urban 4

Closed List (11-15) 25

Closed List (16-20) 40

Closed List (21+) 60

Training Packages

17.0 for a listing of TP costs for this

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