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Certain selections of text in Martial Arts Companion contain an additional identifier: Core, Heroic, or Fantastic. These headings have been inserted to help Gamemasters keep a consistent power level when using martial arts in their campaigns. Those sections that do not have any additional headings present general information that is useful for any one of the three power levels. The actual criteria of the headings are explained below:


Most of the information in this companion can be considered as part of the core rules for martial arts. The Core sections encompass the basic framework of martial arts as they are presented in this companion, and are necessary for this companion to be used effectively. The Core rules encompass most of the revised skills, professions, martial arts styles, weapon styles, and combat rules. With a little modification, the Core rules can be also used to run martial arts in modern campaigns. Refer to the section 15.0 on running martial arts in modern settings for more information.


The Heroic sections introduce many of the common options used in Role mas ter campaigns such as training packages, background options, and talents and flaws. The heroic sections should be used in addition to the core companion rules. Additional information is provided for incorporating Heroic style martial arts in current campaigns in Section 3.5.2. The heroic martial arts campaign is likely to be the most common type of campaign chosen by Gamemasters.


The Fantastic sections present a high-powered version of the martial arts in fantasy campaigns with the inclusion of Chi Powers skills. The chi powers are high-powered skills that allow the martial artist to accomplish incredible feats. The Fantastic sections should be used in addition to the Core and Heroic rulings. Additional information is provided to the Gamemaster for running high-powered martial arts in a campaign without disrupting game balance. Refer to Section 3.5.3 for more details.

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Part II

Sections 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8

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