The Training Packages

This section deals with the new training packages and

$new training package options that are available to charac-ters. For the basic rules for training packages see the RMSR. Shown below are the new options available for training packages.

Professional Qualifiers

The idea behind this concept is that certain training packages should be easier to learn if the character meets certain qualifications. The result is a reduced cost (and sometimes time) for developing the training package. The professional qualifiers needed for each training package (if any) are listed in the description of the training package. If a character does not meet the standards for the professional qualifier, he may still learn the training package but he must pay the full price for it. When a professional qualifier is shown, the associated discount to the cost of the training package is also shown.

Lifestyle Skills

Lifestyle skills are a new concept introduced in this book. Lifestyle skills allow a character to develop certain specific skills to a higher level of expertise than normally possible with training packages. Only certain lifestyle training packages can offer this benefit. Examples of training packages using lifestyle skills in this companion are the Chi Master, Weapon Master, and Temple Monk lifestyle training packages. When a skill is designated as being a "lifestyle" skill in a training package, that skill may be taken as high as 15 ranks by the training package (rather than the normal limit of 10 ranks).

Notes for Modern or Pulp Genre If the Gamemaster is running a Modern or Pulp era, only certain things from each of the training packages are applicable. The Gamemaster should examine each training package and decide upon its appropriateness to the genre he is running. For example, if running in a modern game, all references to ma# 37gical skills should be ignored. In certain cases, a training package may award ranks in a skill that the Gamemaster is not using in his game. If this is the case, the Gamemaster should feel free to adjust the cost of the TP down by approximately 1 point per skill rank that is not awarded.

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The Training Packages


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