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17. Eye/Ear Repair — Concentrating with this spell for 2 hours per day for I - lOdays (depending on the severity) will repair any external damage to caster's ear (including ear loss) or eye (including corneal scratch, foreign objects, etc.).

18. Self Joining — Allows the caster to reattach a severed limb; limb is fully functional after 1-10 days (caster must concentrate with this spell for 2 hours each day).

19. Neutralize Disease/Poison — Has a 50% chance of neutralizing one disease or poison (modified by the potency of the disease or poison) if the caster concentrates for I hour or is unconscious for 1 hour. In any case, it delays the disease or poison as long as the caster can concentrate.

20. Self Keeping — Upon receiving a death blow, the caster goes into a state of suspended animation, until he is cured or his brain is destroyed.

25. Clotting True — As Clotting I, except stop all bleeding and is permanent after 1 minute of concentration for each hit stopped.

30. Neutralize Disease/Poison True — As Neutralize Disease/ Poison, except caster can neutralize one disease and poison with 100% chance of success (modified by the potency of the disease and poison).

50. Renewal True — While in a trance (from the Self Keeping spell on this list), the caster can use the lower level healing spells on this list to repair himself.

Special Notes

See Section 7.2 in Spell Law for additional notes regarding healing.

Note: This list is identical to the Monk Base list with the same name.

Zen Monk Base List 20.2.2

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