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When using this companion in modern settings, it is recommended to only use the Core rules. In addition, none of the Chi Powers skills or spell lists should be allowed. It is strongly recommended that Weapon Style skills not be applied to firearms.

Many of the martial arts styles and weapon styles already described in Sections 8.3 and 9.3 can be used in the modern setting with a few minor modifications. It is probably best to not allow any special maneuvers or techniques with any martial arts styles. Some more martial arts taught in the modern era are briefly listed in abbreviated form.

Akido—Akido is a Japanese martial art that stresses the use of pressure points to subdue an enemy. Akido specializes in Degree 3 Nerve Strikes and Degree 2 Locking Holds.

General Military Training—Military training offers a very basic introduction to martial arts, usually no unarmed attacking forms are higher than Degree 2 Special Forces Training—Special forces training offers some more advanced techniques in martial arts. Usually a striking attack form is known to Degree 3 and in some rare cases Lesser Adrenal Defense might be known as well.

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