Part ii

Section 6.3

New and Modified Professions

Zen monks or Mentalism-based Monks are semi spell users who combine the realm of Mentalism with the realm of Arms. Their base spells deal with personal movement and the control of their own body and mind, while their arms capabilities are concentrated in unarmored, unarmed combat. The Zen monk uses his incredible mental focus and concentration to accomplish his incredible feats. The Zen monk gains his incredible powers of self-mastery through long sessions of practice and mediation.

"Do not focus on your defeating your enemy, remain calm and he will defeat himself." Prime Stats: Self Discipline and Presence

Zen Monk Spell Lists

The Zen monk has six base lists. The full description of these lists may be found in Section 20.2. For a slightly higher development cost, he may also develop Open Mentalism spell lists. Full descriptions of these lists can be found in Spell Law (pages 137-146). Other spell lists may be developed, but will cost a larger number of development points.

Body Renewal: Increasing the healing rate of the caster's body.

Evasions: Allowing the caster to make incredible evasive maneuvers.

Body Control: Allowing the caster to alter his appearance and perform special attacks. Monk's Awareness: Enhancing the senses of the caster and the ability to sense the thoughts of others.

See Section profession.

Mind's Illumination: Allowing the caster to unlock the power of his mind. Monk's Focus: Allowing the caster to resist pain and focus his physical and inner strength.

Profession Bonuses

Athletic • Gymnastics +5 Power Awareness +5

Awareness Group +5 Self Control +10

Body Development +5 Subterfuge Stealth +5

Martial Arts Group +10 Weapon Group +5

Skills and Skill Categories

Artistic • Passive 2/4

Athletic • Endurance 2/7

Athletic • Gymnastic 1/5

Awareness • Perception... 4/12 Awareness • Searching 2/6

Awareness • Senses 2/6

Body Development 4/14

Combat Maneuvers 5/12

Communications 3/3/3

Crafts 4/10

Directed Spells 10

Influence 2/7

Martial Arts Combat Man .. 4/9

Martial Arts • Strikes 2/5

Martial Arts • Sweeps 2/5

The weapon categories are: 1-H Concussion, 1-H Firearms, 1-H Edged, 2-Handed Firearms, 2-Handed, Missile, Missile Artillery, Polearms, and Thrown. The player should assign one of the cateogires to each of the weapon categories shown above. Everyman Skills: Time Sense and choice of one non-

Restricted Martial Arts Combat Maneuver Occupational Skills: Meditation Restricted Skills: Channeling

Spell Development*

Power Awareness 3/7

Power Manipulation 6/12

Power Point Development .. 8

Science • Specialized 8

Self Control 2/4

Special Attacks 5

Special Defenses 6

Subterfuge • Attack 8

Subterfuge • Mechanics 4

Subterfuge • Stealth 2/7

Technical • General 3/7

Technical • Professional 8

Urban 3/7

Base List (all)


Closed List (1-5)

.. 10/10

Open List (1-10)


Closed List (6-10)

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