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The warrior-priest is a character who has studied at a militant temple to serve in the enforcement arm of the temple. The warrior-priest believes that he has been called to defend his religion and the goals it professes.

"The prophet said to lead a man to enlightenment; a teacher needs the classic works, the writings of the scholars, and a strong arm. I am the arm that leads souls to enlightenment."

Time to Acquire: 107 months Starting Money: normal Special:

Recent advancement in order 40

Prayer beads (+10 to Meditation) 70

Prayer scrolls (+10 to one general lore skill) 60

Weapon, +5 non-magical 30

Herbs, Id 10 common healing herbs 20

Reputation as a holy warrior 0

Category or Skill # of ranks

Body Development skill category n/a

Body Development I

Lore General skill category 2

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Lore Technical skill category 1

choice of one skill 1

Martial Arts Combat Maneuvers skill category n/a choice of one skill 2

Martial Arts Strikes skill category 2

Martial Arts Striking 2

Martial Arts Sweeps skill category 2

Martial Arts Sweeping 2

Self Control skill category 2

choice of up to two skills 2 (total)

Weapon skill category (choice) 1

choice of one skill 1

Stat Gains: none

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