ST 12 Quepen Empty Basin

In the midpoint of the supraclavicular fossa, 4 cun lateral to the CV MO or In the depression at the middle of the superior border of the clavicle and directly above the nipple.

This is an interesting point as it is used to take the will to fight away. Anyone who has been struck here will agree about this, you just cannot carry on fighting after this point has been struck as usually, the clavicle which is quite a weak bone, will break causing great local pain and energy drainage. It also has an affect upon the communication between yin and yang in the whole body and drains yang Qi as it is associated with GV 14, (meeting place of Yang). It can be used with ST 11 to cause great Qi loss. It can be used in a grappling situation to stop the fight, or in an attacking situation where you have to block and re-attack etc.

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