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Chen Style Taijiquan is renowned as a powerful martial art but so many people get lost in practice of its forms and do not consider the martial arts side so much. Who better than Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang to give us some inspiration on the self-defence aspects of these beautiful Taiji movements.

Recently, Master Chen Xiao Wang went back to China to teach in his hometown of Chen Jiagou in Henan Province. When he was there, he was interviewed by many newspapers and magazines. In one of the interviews, he gave a comment saying, "All my benefit comes from my country and my home village. My Taijiquan skill I learned from my fifth uncle, Chen Zhao Pi, and my uncle, Chen Zhan Kui. I will never forget all these things and I will come back to China to help or teach whenever it wants or needs me to."

There is a traditional Chinese phrase that says, "When we drink the water, we should think about its source (ie, where it came from)."

When you watch him perform, his movements are soft and graceful, but they are punctuated with very enormous releases of power (Fajing) that seem to come from nowhere. This is an embodiment of Yin and Yang. On his last trip to the UK we were lucky that he could spare some time and share some of his considerable knowledge with us and he showed some of the power that Taijiquan has as a method of self defence.

Defence 1

Wing Chun Xiao LongGrandmaster Tai Chi Self Defence

Fig 3 Fig 4

i. Attacker (B) faces Grandmaster Chen (A) who relaxes and calmly waits. Fig 1

ii. B moves forwards and throws a punch towards A, who contacts it with his right hand. Fig 2

iii. A allows the punch to come to him. He sinks down and directs the punch upwards with his forearm. Fig 3

iv. Once the punch is misses him, A lets go the arm and then finishes with a very powerful elbow strike to B's ribs.

Fig 4-5

i. B throws a left cross at A, who avoids it and covers it with his left hand. Fig 6

ii. A stays with the punch and does not let go. Instead he follows the strength of the punch pulling B towards him. Fig 7

iii. A then uses Fajing with his shoulder to strike B's elbow. Fig 8

Fig 5

Grandmaster Chen uses softness to evade the incoming punch. He feels that it is moving slightly upwards and so he directs it that way. He redirects it using his waist and body, this movement also allows him to Fajing with his elbow as his arm is relaxed.

The movement Grandmaster Chen makes contact with is from "Three Steps Forwards " and the elbow strike comes from Pao Chui and the movement, "Smooth Blocking Elbow ".

Fig 8

When done properly, a shoulder strike can be very damaging. It can be used very suddenly but the distance must be very close. When practising this technique you should be careful not to hurt your partner's arm.

This an application of the movement "Leaning to the Side Punch".

Defence 2

Fig 7

Defence 3

i. B threatens A and throws a punch.

ii. A is ready and avoids the strike by pulling the arm to his right. This causes B to lose his balance and over commit himself.

iii. A then steps in close and strikes B with his shoulder to send him flying away.

This is another example how to use the shoulder to Fajing. This time Grandmaster Chen uses "Liu " (Roll Back energy). In order to pull his opponent off balance, he then uses his shoulder to powerful effect.

When you practise, your posture and stance must be clear to be able to Fajing powerfully. However, it is not important to send your opponent "flying away ". Once you have used the shoulder strike to bounce him, you can then push, punch, kick, etc as his posture and balance have been broken.

Knee Strike

Chen Xiao Wang Stance

Fig 12

Fig 13

i. B goes to grab and pull A's left leg.

ii. A controls B's head by not allowing him to straighten up. As B pulls his leg, A strikes with his knee.

In this example, Grandmaster Chen does not push or pull his opponent away. Instead, he stops him moving altogether. This makes his opponent very vulnerable and as he pulls at Grandmaster Chen's leg, Grandmaster Chen allows him to do this and then strikes with his knee to increase the power.

Grandmaster Chen is also careful not to lose his own balance and keeps his back very straight and sinks the weight onto his right leg. This helps him to ground his energy.

This is an application of "Spiral Knees "from the 38 Form andXinjia.

by Grandmaster Chen Xaio Wang

Chinese Horoscopes lor 2007

Next year is the year of the Fire Pig (Ding Hai J'J^ ). Ding represents the fire element and Hai is water element. Many people want to know how the horoscope will be for 2007, which begins on 18 February this year. I did not have time to make predictions for 2006 so I wanted to be able to do so for this year for those who are interested. Chinese horoscopes are based on the Five Elements (Wu Xing Il^jJ, Bagua (Aib Eight Situations), Tian Gan (Heavenly Stems JiTj and Di Zhi (Earthly Branches ;ti!lj!c)■

I will try to make some predictions for next year for each of the Chinese animals. Remember, though, this is only a small part of your life and life goes up and down. For lucky years, do not be too excited. For bad years, we should not give up as we can all learn something from difficulties. Our luck is not just based on our horoscope. The most important thing is -to have a good heart and do more good deeds. Our actions and behaviour can change our fate and luck.

Next year you will have alot of help and assistance but also a little bit tired. At the end, though, you will have a good result.

You will find that progress is slow, including relationships and work. Towards the end of the year everything will work out.


Everything will flow and people may even send you money. You will make money in the beginning of the year but you may end up using this money that you made by the end of the year.


This will be a good year. Although you may have a little of confrontation, things will be smooth all the way and you will have good support.


Financially, this year will be a bit tough. Work position may change but by the end of the year things will get better.


Be careful of your health as this year you will be very busy. However, although busy, your result will be little so practise more Qigong.


This year will be busy and you will work very hard. However, somebody will come along to help you.


Someone will come from a long way to visit you and will bring a surprise. Relationships will get better.


This year you may lose something you like but at the same time you will learn a good lesson and improve your life.


This year you will work very hard but the good result will come at the end.

You will travel this year and discover something new.

For you, this year will be very busy but it is an important year for your life.

by Michael Tse

Just like a car, as we get older, our internal organs begin to slow and wear down. Unlike a car, though, it is not so easy to go out and get replacement parts despite Science's best attempts. That is why we need to maintain our bodies and our health as much as possible and for as long as we can.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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