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I'd had a really good weekend. I'd spent time with my Sifu and my fellow students at a weekend seminar learning a fascinating and dynamic broadsword form. It was great fun but the next morning, my fifty-five year old body was complaining a bit. It was a cautious training session the next morning!

That's OK, after such an active weekend, it is inevitable that there are going to be a few twinges. Karma is inescapable. I was reminded of this after my training session. I had just finished meditating in my garden and had lit an incense stick to accompany my morning "prayers". I was idly watching the smoke from the incense stick curl lazily into the air It was a calm day, just the | slightest of breezes blowing and I was trying to trace the smoke coiling from the stick as it billowed away through the garden.

I quickly realised that it was almost impossible to trace all the tight spirals issuing from the stick. They'd change from an initial dense twist, right through to loose, disconnected clouds further out. The eye couldn't follow every twist and turn, every unfolding. And yet it was obviously the same smoke, the same billow. Nor could one fathom how, ag a i ns t the and our actions will have a result, a consequence. And yet a lot of the time we can't see the connection, the way our thoughts, words and actions lead inevitably to the denouement, the pay off. So often it is often a shock when things happen because we don't know why they're happening.

If we can trace an obvious

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