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At the age of nine, Yip Man my late father was admitted as a student by Grandmaster Chan Wall Shun. But before that, as my grandmother the late Madame Ng said, Yip Man worked hard on his studies. After receiving each lesson, he seldom wasted his time in having games with fellow-playmates, but devoted all his spare time in writing poems and painting, or watching Grandmaster Chan teaching his students. Day after day he watched, and became gradually interested in techniques of Wing Tsun. At least he went straight to Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun and requested him to admit him into his kung-fu class. Grandmaster Chan thought the boy might only be joking, so he said jokingly that every boy, in order to be admitted, had to pay an initial admission fee of three taels of silver, and that if the boy had three taels of silver, he would

.idmit him. On hearing this, my father rushed home filled with pleasure and hope. Soon he brought back three taels of silver as required. Grandmaster Chan was surprised to see what the boy had done. He asked the boy how he had got the money. The boy answered that he had already known that he needed the three taels of silver for admission, so he began •vaving money some years ago. Grandmaster Chan Wall Shun did not believe in the boy, thinking that he must have stolen the money. So he did not accept the boy as his disciple. Neither did he return the money to the boy, saying, "If you want to get back the money, you have to bring your mother here to prove that the money really belongs to you. " Yip Man the boy could do nothing but urge his mother to come to the martial art tutor. When meeting the boy's mother, Chan Wah Shun said, "/ did not suspect the source of the money. It is only that / want to see his mother and speak to her personally, and ask whether she really allows her boy to learn kung-fu from me. In fact the boy is quite gifted, and he has been watching me teach kung-fu quite a long time. If he fft \.m

The Grandmaster and his grandson, the son of Master Yip Chun the author.

follows me, he will surely succeed in making his career as a martial artist." Madam Ng was very pleased to hear that, and said that if Chan Wah Shun agreed to accept her son, she would not hesitate to allow her son to take up studies of martial arts.

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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

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